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Australian Super League reminds: Melbourne’s offensive end has a strong season scored over 2 goals




1. Attack: I have scored 15 goals in the league so far this season, and the average goals per game have exceeded 2 goals;

2. Home: The first three leagues of the season have achieved a record of 2 wins and 1 draw at home.

3. The striker: McLaren has scored 9 league goals so far this season, leading in the Sagittarius list;

4. Warfare: Although the top ranking on the standings, the second one has only 2 points in the second place. The top position is not firm, so the desire to win is very strong;

5. Power: You can reach the finals for the last three seasons.

6. Physical energy: The last league was cut off for some reason, and has a certain physical advantage;


1. Status: 1-2 in the last round of the league lost to Sydney FC, and suffered the first defeat in the season;

2. Defense: There are 3 in the last 4 games that have not been able to block the opponent, and during the period, they lost a total of 5 goals;

Central Coast Sea


1. Attack: All 8 leagues in the new season can score goals, and the offensive end stability is good;

2. Size: The total number of goals in the last 8 rounds is greater than 3 goals, and the kick is extremely unrestrained;

3. Players: Junson Gambis, Samuel Silva has more than 3 leagues to score the goal, which is a stable score in the team;

4. Field: The two leagues in the new season played 1 win and 1 draw and scored a total of 5 goals.


1. Defense: There are 6 goals in the 8 rounds of the 8th round of the new season. During the period, only Western Sydney stray and jets were seized. The defense stability was very poor;

2. Goals: I have never scored goals in the first 20 minutes of the league, and the offensive end is quite slow;

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