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Australian Open-Shang Cheng won the second round of the National Congress Slam Suggamation to advance to the qualification competition


Shang Jiancheng won the first victory of the adult Grand Slam

On January 10, Beijing time, the first round of the men’s singles qualification competition in the Australian Open in 2023.After the Chinese player Shang Jun rescued 2 inventory in the second set, he defeated Hungarian player Fabian-Maoluo Ran with 6-4/7-6 (2).In the second round of Shangcheng, the winner between Spanish veterans and Croatian player Zeldaruchi.

This game is the personal first show of Shang Chengcheng in the Grand Slam. He won the men’s singles runner -up last year.In the first set of competitions, the start of the start of the business completed the break and achieved a leading advantage. Although the 9th inning missed two inventory, it performed calmly and easily in the 10th game of the 10th game.Win a plate first.

In the second set, Mao Luoran took the lead in breaking the 3-1 lead in the fourth inning, but after the business completion returned to break, and the second round of the second inning saved the two inventory, brought the game intoGrab seven.Grab seven innings, Shang Cheng won five points in a row after the battle to 2-2 draws, and finally won the second set with 7-6 (2), thereby defeating the Mao Luo Ran to advance to the men’s singles qualification competition.In the wheel, the business completion also received 8 points.

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  1. Wearing earrings, I feel good.EssenceEssence[Laughing Cry]

  2. Business completion, come on!make persistent efforts.

  3. Watasco

  4. Cow coaxed the old man and hinders it to grow.

  5. Is the opponent of Xiaoshang determined?Who knows?

  6. The first victory!good!

  7. The bottom line is defensive and the stability is good, so I will serve the serve

  8. The serve is too weak, I ca n’t go away in the adult world, especially afraid of the strength type

  9. Reply
    Mobileusers2123776097 1月 11, 2023 at 2:37 上午

    This child is better than Zhang Zhizhen, except for the serveIt needs to be improved

  10. Xiaoshang who is 18 years old, come on!Continue to look forward to ING

  11. It is the runner -up of the US Open the previous year, not last year

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