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Auntie’s 21st Basketball Game Recommendation: Magic is expected to win

Magic VS Pacers

The two teams just played in yesterday. The game was very fierce. The scores have always been bite. In the end, the Pacers won with a 1 point advantage. It was ranked in the top five in the east, and after the magic lost, the winning percentage had fallen below 30 %, but because of the horses and the piston base, the magic remained third in the east. The Hornet is already only one and a half victory.

From the perspective of the previous game, the two sides are evenly matched, and the key data is almost almost different. However, in terms of hit rate and three -point hit rate, the poutees have slightly suppressed the magic, which has become a key factor in their winning. Give full play to the advantages of his height, which has caused greater killing to the Pacers, and at the same time forced the other party to make more mistakes. From the perspective of the 16-27 assists, the magic offensive tissue is still worse. More useful talent to fight alone.

So the two sides of the game fought again the next day, and they were more deeply understood with each other. There were not many secrets at all, and the lineup was not much different. Carter may still be unable to play. He served as a starter, but the only thing that was a bit doubtful was the Pacers. Harrybrton appeared on the list of injuries. Although it was still in a state of doubt, when it had already appeared yesterday, there was no reason to say that there was no reason to say no. It is necessary to give me a doubt again, but now that this is the case, you need to prevent it.

In addition, the Pacers’ last hit rate has been very high, and the three -point hit rate is even close to 40 %, but even this will win the magic side. It does not mean that this one can still be accurate. In contrast, magic is more lethal, which is much more stable than the Pacers. After all, the advantages of physical talent will not change. In addition There is an uncertain factor, so this battle is more ideal to continue to chase the magic, magic +6.5.


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