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Auntie’s 10th basketball game recommendation: Magic Blazers are difficult to score

Magic vs pioneer

The total score is less than 229 points and below

The Blazers have encountered a wave of three consecutive defeats again. Recently, the status of the Blazers is very sluggish. Of course, it has something to do with continuous away games. In the past 9 games, the Blazers lost 7 games. These 7 games were lost away. HoweverThe only two home pioneers have taken down. It can be seen that its dependence on home is very serious. Of course, it has something to do with the opponents of these two home games.Then there is no need to say that there is any competition for the playoffs.

In the last few games of Magic, after winning the Warriors after winning the away game, today I lost to the king in the Golden No. 1 Stadium.Created the three -point number record of the team history. This is indeed not the magic defense. It is really a bit too outrageous.The problem, so it is not wronged.

In the first game of the back back, according to this logic, the second game tomorrow will probably take a small score. Moreover, the two teams of Magic and the Blazers are indeed the efficiency and stability on the offensive end.Very limited, the guarantee of scores is not too high.

In addition, from the recent state, the magic side is better. Basically, the score can be maintained above 110 points.There is a less than 100 points, and the ability of the two teams of the defense end is not bad. At least the hard conditions of the defense are placed there. The sporting talent of the front line is very good. At the same time, the two coaches also emphasize the defense.It is not easy to fight 230 points.


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