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Auntie on the 9th football event recommendation: Osasuna’s guest battle remains unchanged

La Liga: Atletico Bilbao VS Osasuna

2022-01-10 04:00

Biba performed more under the re -return of Balwder this season than last season. The offensive efficiency has improved a lot but still lacks stability. The team focuses on youth training players but the problem is the lack of stable and efficient shooters. Whether it is William, whether it is WilliamThe Mas brothers are still obvious to Munya because of or even Berranale, but they are not an excellent terminator.In the last nine games, the team won 8 wins and 1 draw. The only draw was the first away game to tie Betis. The King Cup in the middle of the week won the 6-1 away. The momentum was very good. The offensive end seemed to start to enter the state.

The Kings Cup in Osuna’s weekly time to overtime to win the West Syeperk team Tarangna, the physical energy consumption a lot and the winner is also very difficult, and the natural state is not recognized.The team’s away record this season is much more dull. The current record is only 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, and only scored 5 goals. The combat power is very mediocre.However, the team once also forced Real Madrid and won Almeia and Calta. It was occasionally flashing. The last round was away from the field, but it was also a 0-2 defeated society.Roberto Torres also showed scolding, causing the team to fall into the vortex of public opinion.

In this field, Biba is undoubtedly better than the opponent in the state of the two teams. Therefore, the winning victory will inevitably be stable in this concession 0.75. The subsequent profits are slightly reduced. In terms of the state of the two teams of the two teams, it can be said to be positive support.With the combat effectiveness of the two teams and the main away away, Biba’s popularity is undoubtedly high. After all, Biba Defeng lost the ball than 12-4. The offensive data is bright. The defense only lost 0.57 goals per game, which is quite strong.However, the last four home players have only won once, and the two teams are familiar with each other in the Basque region. The market focus is actually not good for it on the home team under the concession of 0.75.Sex is relatively worrying. Osasuna has only lost one game in the last eight away. The value has no operation of the home team. It is recommended to go unpopular in this field, the visitors are undefeated, and they are negative.

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