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Auntie on the 21st football event Recommended: The Netherlands is not easy to win

World Cup: Senegal vs Dutch

Time: 2022-11-21 23:59

Senegal won the African Cup last year. Many players who played for the top league in the team formed the central axis. In addition to the injured Mane, the central defender Kublibari played for Chelsea. Special play in the Premier League. The former once joined Greater Paris at a high price. In addition, this big list still has Sisi and Laister City’s small Meni in La Liga. The lineup is very sufficient. Mid-frontcourt Sal, Dien and Dia are already frequent visits to the national team, and this season, Nicholas Jackson’s complement of the team from La Liga, La La, is a key to the team. And Mane needs to be used as a fulcrum, Jackson’s emergence will solve this problem.

But unfortunately, the internal injury is a major suspense how the team will line up. Monaco Rookie Jacobs also supplemented the vacancy of the left-backs. He and Milan teenager Baro Toren started the competition. Whether Francis Mendi, who is effective in France is worthy of attention.

The first round of the Dutch European Cup last year was a bit surprising. In recent years, the rise of Dutch football has also been obvious. Ajax has cultivated a wave of golden generations, including Derricht, Frankido Derong Including Tingbeel and Brobbebe, all of them were selected as the national team, including Kennis-Taylor, who took over the successor Herrafenberg, was also among them. Instead, the former was rejected because there were too few games in Bayern.

In addition, it is also worthy of attention to the players of Eindhoven. The Paris teenager Harvey Simmons is very talented. Captain Eindhoven Garker Popular has only achieved two pairs of doubles (24 games 13 goals and 17 goals. Assist) The state is bursting, and Bellwin, who returned from Tottenham, also has the main force in Ajax. How to position Vanar will be a very critical factor. In the backcourt, the Dutch system is stable, and it is more considered in the status. Van Dark, Blind, Deford, and Derrichte compete for three starting positions. Van Dark’s status in Liverpool this season is still a bit stable. However, there are many newcomers in the Netherlands. The experience of Maracia and Frensom is not enough, but it is enough. There is also Dunfris on the right as the starting.

In this field, Senegal will undoubtedly be reduced a lot because of the absence of Mane, but in fact, the team’s midfield confrontation ability is not bad, and the speed advantage of the side is still existed. The formation is encircled with a three -middle field. The striker has the fulcrum of Jackson’s fulcrum that can put a certain pressure on the Netherlands.

In addition to the border, the center of the center, Weig Horst and Yang Sen, are not particularly prominent strikers. Fighting may not be able to win, but once they are rhythm, it is difficult to improve, and Derpe’s capabilities have also declined. Mane’s absence allowed the market to reach the side of the Netherlands, from 0.75 to 1, but the current way of playing in the Netherlands has not been completely formed, and there are many newcomers. High, it is recommended to go down in this field. It is not optimistic about the Dutch victory and let 1 goal win.

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