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Auntie on the 10th of the football game: Sob’s guest battle remains unchanged

Fa Yi: Leaer vs Sob Shaw

Competition: 2022-01-11 03:45

Le Averer’s achievements in French B in the past season can only be considered quite satisfactory. The team has a good record at home but the away record will be worse, so that the results are all upstream but may not be able to compete for upgrade seats.The team played well this season, and only lost one game in the first half of the game, especially at home 8 games, 5 wins and 3 draws, and continued to continue the momentum of the devil’s home.Moreover, the team’s defense is very strong. This season has only lost 6 goals and averaged the defense level of 0.35 goals per game. It is undoubtedly the level of winning the championship.

Sob also participated in the second level last year. After winning the Paris FC, the penalty kick finally rose to the Auicel.This season, I hope that I can return to Ligue 1, but after the French B no longer sets up this season, the competition in the quota is very fierce.At present, in addition to Laaer’s opponent, there are also Mal -Porto, and Ayan’s fourth place is only three points behind, and the competitive pressure is not small.In addition, Sob’s away game this season has actually lost a lot of scores. He lost 4 games in 8 games, and the score efficiency was worrying.

The two teams in this field are the first group of the team to upgrade competition, so they will be fierce.But because Le Averer’s undefeated strong record and very strong defense at home are undoubtedly the market in the market.However, the market’s 0.5 goals are unable to hold back 0.25. Obviously, the prevention of the background of the main victory is not in place.The two teams did not win in the last round, but Le Averer won at least the undefeated, and Sob lost to the competitor Bordeaux on the way. The status and morale were not the best.However, the market in this market completely ignored the home team’s home strong at home. In addition, in the past two seasons, Sob’s guests have all three points on Le Averer. The market will reduce the resistance of the main victory under the high heat of the home team.Undefeated, for a single choice.

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