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Auntie 9th Basketball Game Recommendation: Wizard Pacers Follow the Small Score

Wizard vs Pacers

Optimistic about the total score of less than 231 and below

The Pacers finally ended the Seven Passenger Journey. Although they only achieved two victories, these two victories were in the five games.After 5 losses, the winning rate of the Pacers still did not fall below 50 %, and it continued to rank sixth in the east. Coach Caleire did bring a lot of things to the team.Strong competitiveness, this is the level of real master coaches.

The Wizards have lost 7 games in the past 8 games, and they have defeated in the last 4 games, and they have begun to be attacked by injuries. Bill was injured in the match with the Lakers. In the game with the Bulls yesterday, Boshen also appeared ankle sprains.Although it is not as serious as Bill, it has also been labeled in the doubt. Continuous losses have also had a great impact on the morale of the Wizards. The scriptures have fallen to 11 wins and 14 losses. The winning rate is less than 45%.To the eleventh place in the east.

This season, the Wizards and Pacers have already played two games. The two sides have won one game on the away game.The offensive is a devastating blow. The wizard itself is a team that has no overall offensive overall. The score mainly relies on the personal ability of the star to break the game. Now it is not the first two stars. The offensive end is too hard to fight.The state of the horse is not so good.On the contrary, the Pacers are very positive on the defensive end. This is also a change brought by Caleire to the team. Although their overall integrity is still not good, at least the attitude is already available. MoreoverWizards, there must be no teams such as Timberwolves or Jazz, but the Wizards have no two strongest fire points in this battle. I am afraid that they can only rely on defense if they want to win.It is likely to become a defensive war.


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