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Auntie 9th Basketball Game Recommendation: The King of Magic pays attention to the small score

Magic vs king

The total score is less than 237 points and below

The king lost to the Lakers a little depressed. Originally, they had the best strength, but they never wanted the Lakers to be outrageous. The total hit rate reached 60 %.By the time of more than 40 %, of course, this is also related to the worse defense of the king’s own, especially Sabinnis lost a bunch of fouls early, which led to in the subsequent game, dare not act on the defensive end.I scored 29 points in the season.

The magic last battle defeated the Warriors in the away battle. The momentum of recovery in the near future is very obvious, and the warriors can be suppressed at about 100 points on the away game. The magic defense is undoubtedly successful.The top of the top of the body is bursting, but unfortunately the defense consciousness and willingness are not enough, resulting in their defense is always unstable. Of course, this is also a common problem of young teams, but the talent of magic is there. In the future, it should be in the future.Get better and better.

The recent score rate of the king is not high, but the total score is basically above 230 points. The reason why the large score is not high is that the preset is too high.Only in the last game with the Lakers, the magical thing was that this game, encountered the same young and vigorous magic, the recent score is not low.It’s not too low, but this subtle change is intriguing.

In addition, the two teams lack stability at the offensive end. The king is better, but in the face of the magic’s height wingspan, the king’s height is obviously insufficient, which will have a great impact on their projection, and the king is very good at eating very much.A team projected, and the recent magic’s defensive enthusiasm is also very good. As for the magic attack, it is a bit to eat by the sky.The preset score is really not very good.


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