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Rocket vs Spurs

Optimistic about the total score below 232 points and below

The Spurs lost 11 games in a row and still didn’t mean to stop, but the Spurs were really difficult, because the injury was too serious, especially the two main forces of these 4th and 5th positions were missing., Make the Spurs’s broken defense, which has become more leaks everywhere, and the recent two Spurs’ offensives have not been effective. They were defended by the sun and the Pelicans below 100 points.Stable output, unfortunately the other people’s scores are too weak.

The Rockets are really surprising recently. In the past 5 games, the top five games in the East and West District have played a record of 2 wins and 3 losses. In addition, the eagle and thunder in the previous winning victory have achieved 4 wins and 3 wins and 3 wins in the past 7 games.The best achievement, you must know that the first 17 rockets won 3 games, and the recent 7 games winning the ball have surpassed the first 17 games.The Rockets ranking has risen to the second place in the west.

The offense of both sides is not too stable. Even if the average rounds of the two sides exceed 100 rounds, the average score of only about 110 points is scored. In this small ball era, this efficiency is not high.The recent performance has also raised the offensive efficiency slightly. It can get 109.7 points in the per 100 rounds, which is basically the level of the average score, but the Spurs have only 107 points in the 100th round, and the offensive efficiency is only the second place.The average score is about 2.5 points lower than the field.

However, although the overall offensive efficiency of the Rockets is good, their offensive offensive is still much worse than the home. The average away score of the game is 6 points less than at home, and the two teams lack a relatively stable core point of holding the ball, which leadsBoth sides will have a large number of mistakes, especially the rocket fields have to make mistakes 18 times, ranking at the bottom. Of course, the Spurs have averaged 16.3 mistakes.The presets above 230 are still very difficult.


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