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Auntie 6th Football Recommendation: Dodler’s home team is undefeated

Dutch: Dodler branch vs Hague

2022-01-07 03:00

Dodler had rushed to the lotus a few years ago, but after the downgrade, I never saw the willingness to return to the Dutch Armor. These years have been hovering in the stands and downstream in the standings.A half -schrobe, occasionally some spiritual lights have played. This season, I have scored 19 points to win 5 games. The overall undefeation rate is exactly a good record.At home, 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses, but 15 games were lost in 8 games. It can be seen that the team’s defense level is average.

The Hague fell into the pyrobe last season. As a result, the last round of the playoffs lost a lot of money to the SBV elite at home and lost the upgrade, which also hurt the team’s vitality.Under the circumstances of the season, I only scored 17 points, and there have been a small climax for a period of time, but most of the time, the record is mediocre. It has been nearly three months since I won the next Dutch Cup in mid -October.The game is not endless, 3 draws and 4 losses only take 3 points, the state is bad enough.However, at present the team’s eighth place is only a gap of 7 points. The remaining half of the schedule still has a lot of opportunities. As a team that competes for the lotus armor all year round, Hague will not lose the expectations of the outside world. Most of the viewers still want them toCan rise.


The image of the two teams has been mentioned above. Dodler’s branches are rotten all the year round and Hague is the downs of the Dutch regulars. The latter’s expectations are always relatively high.Support the guest team.However, the guest team is in a sluggish. In the last four games, I only scored 1 goal. The attack power was weak. There was no home team much more than the home team.It is even worse to go up, but the team is accustomed to defeat, and each game will re -adjust the posture to face the face, but morale will not be too affected.On the other hand, the market is sluggish but more popular in Hague is actually not good for it. It comprehensively considers that the home team is undefeated in this field.

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