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Auntie 5th Basketball Game Recommendation: Nuggets better than the Clippers again

Clippers vs Nuggets

The Nuggets won 6 points and above

The Nuggets lost to the Timberwolves yesterday, but their recent overall status is very good, and the record is also the first in the west. In addition to the continuous explosion of the teacher’s state, Gordon, Murray and Potter are also in good condition. There are also substitute seatsHylande also regained the feeling of the previous period. In addition to these conventional rotating players, the Nuggets also had a small surprise, that is, Najib, who replaced Jordan as a substitute, has played it in recent games.Yes, the position of Jordan has gone.

The Clippers have recently played the Eastern team in a row recently. As a result, a wave of defeats encountered a wave of defeats.The biggest good news is that the lineup is basically neat. Except for Batum, no major players are absent. As long as the Clippers can continue to be healthy, their competitiveness cannot be ignored, especially in the playoffs.No one wants to encounter the Clippers.

Leonard, who had a break in the last battle, will come back to the battle in this game, but Paul George has a little problem. It is currently a state of doubt. Once the absence is absent, the impact on the fast ship is not small. After all, George is the most stable on the Clippers.At that point, only Jeff Green cannot fight on the Nuggets, and there is almost no impact. The advantage of the Nuggets on the inside is very obvious. The fast ship has Zubatz a positive seal center, and the movement is slow.Poor, it’s too easy to be targeted at the Nuggets.

In the past few seasons of the two sides, the Clippers have more than many victory each season. The main reason is Zabazz. There is no way to match the teacher’s point at all. Now Murray has returned.Kicci’s two -person rotation and dismissal are the nightmares of Zubitz. In addition, the Clippers have no substitute centers. Once Zubatz fouls, it can only let Morris top five positions, and the interior of the Clippers is even more finished., So the Nuggets are expected to win the Clippers again after the first round.


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