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Auntie 2nd Football Recommendation: Predon’s unbeaten away away

British crown: Stock City vs Preston

Competition: 2022-01-02 23:00

Stock City’s performance this season can only be considered quite satisfactory, but the recent team’s record is still acceptable, and once there was a wave of goal frenzy, but the last round of home was defeated by Bernsley’s zero seal.The team and the strong team still have a certain gap.In addition, the team’s defensive data is really not good. The current free goals reached 33, and 17 goals were lost in 12 at home. Only six unbeaten winning won three games. The winning rate was low.But this field is a continuous home battle, and the schedule is profitable.


In recent years, Predon’s team in the Champions League in recent years has nothing to do with upgrading competition, but the time before this season once rushed into the top six, which is impressive.However, the recent three -game losing streak has fallen directly to 14th, and the expectations of the outside world will instantly extinguish it. It does not rule out the team’s intention.However, the strength and play of the team as a whole are quite good. The current distance has a long time and distance. The team has reached the stage of the need to regain the status.small.

In this field, the two teams look better than the opponent in Stock City. After all, this field is a home battle, and it is just a loss to lose to the top team.The opponents who have lost three consecutive defeats are also the middle and upstream teams and even relegated Harbin town. It is not worth trusted to play stability.In addition, the first round of Stock City has won the opponent. The main victory will be worth looking forward to, but the value of the value will only start at 0.25 highs.The winning rate is only 25%, and the guest team’s uncomfortable rate is as high as 75%. Such a strong force is undoubtedly the use of the visiting team’s recent state of sluggishness and strong victory, but the historic Jianda City at home faces the opponent for nearly four times, 1 draw and 3 losses., Forcibly the main victory return is very unfavorable to the home team.Comprehensively consider that the guest team is undefeated in this field, optimistic about Preston’s rebound, and the single option is negative.

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