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ATP year -end ranking: Djo returned to the first five ranks Ruda to kill TOP3


2022 season ATP year -end the top ten

With Djokovic’s record of five wins, the sixth time the ATP year -end final championship trophy, the year -end ranking of the 2022 season is also settled. Djo has not won points in Wimbledon.In the case of the US Open and several ATP1000 Masters, they still returned to the top five; Rude killed the top three.

2022 season ATP year -end singles in the top ten

1: Alcalas 8 (6820 points)

2: Nadal 0 (6020 points)

3: Rudy (5820 points)

4: Sicipas 5 (5550 points)

5: Djokovic 4 (4820 points)

6: Aliasim 1 (4195 points)

7: Medvedev 4 (4065 points)

8: Rubilev 9 (3930 points)

9: Friz 3 (3355 points)

10: Hulkacci (2905 points)

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  1. Invisible first! Intersection Intersection

  2. Djo is indeed a cow, but there is no if there is facts.

  3. Mo said that the ban on the game is the Wimbledon champion and 2000 points, which is also the first.

  4. The Grand Slam is going to play for seven rounds, but the few rounds of the beginning are relatively weak players, and basically they play one game in two days. Five games, from beginning to the end of the field, and basically did not rest.

  5. ATP finals, regardless of the bonus weight of 47.4 to 12.38; Slam.

  6. ATP Finals Is it a chicken rib? The ATP is a total of 5 rounds. The championship needs to win at most 10 sets. The Grand Slam (the US Open as an example) seven rounds. The champion must win 21 sets. The ATP champion (Quan Win) prize money was $ 4.74 million, with a score of 1,500, the average bonus of the market was 474,000, and the points were 150 points. ATP has far exceeded the Great Slam regardless of the bonus or the points. Is there such a chicken rib? It can only be said that the “IQ” of these people is “chicken wisdom”

  7. Natto should be retired soon

  8. Djo is still 1W, continue to refuel next year

  9. Natto will be able to win the championship!

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