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At 21:00 Beijing time, England VS Iran’s World Cup is the first viewing tide

On the next day, the first climax of the World Cup was coming. England VS Iran, CCTV explained this important game by He Wei.

I believe that many people have not seen Qatar’s live broadcast of Ecuador. After all, the two teams are not strong, and the teams lack stars in the team. The game time is not good. It is arranged at 0 o’clock.

But England is very reasonable to Iran. This game is very reasonable. It is arranged at 21:00 on Monday, Beijing time, and the English team gathered. Kane, Fon, Stelin, Saka, Rashford, Grallish, Ma KuiStar names such as Er, Arnold, Belinsham and other stars are loud and have countless fans, and the confrontation between the English department and Iran is also very interesting.

It is worth mentioning that this game is the first person in CCTV football commentary.He Wei commented on heavyweight competitions, and next, he will explain that France to important competitions such as Australia, Germany to Japan, Brazil to Serbia.

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