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Asano, the meaning of Chinese characters that wins the heroes of Japan

Japan, which was suppressed by Germany almost the whole game, eventually relying on the strength of the team, it was also very important to rely on the strength of the team.

Among them, 28 -year -old Asano, who killed Germany in 83 minutes, became a Japanese hero that night.

Asano’s father, Nakano, is a truck driver, and his mother is a housewife. Because there are 7 brothers and sisters in the family, from a young Asano, he has lived a life that is not rich. For him, participating in football training is a luxury, and he almost gave up the football dream because of difficult conditions at home. Fortunately, in the end, his middle school coach discovered his extraordinary talent and convinced his parents to fully support him to become a professional athlete.

Asano is also very angry, and live up to everyone’s expectations, and has become the top players in Japan, using their own efforts to repay their parents. It can be said that after 75 minutes relying on Donan Law to replenish the score, Nakano Takuko’s kick was not accidental, and it was the result of his hard work for many years.

The name of Asano was given by his mother, implying that he could “develop the future” and “hone himself”, and went further and further on the football road.

Asano Takuya once said: “There are many brothers at home. In the poor life, parents can support themselves to continue to play football, thank them very much. Become a professional player, the first time to report to them, and then continue to work hard to repay their parents.”

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  1. It should be called Asano Mo Tuo better, hone yourself first, and then open up the future.Maybe this speed can be faster: Motorcycle

  2. Asano Takayami this name is given by his mother, which means that he can “develop the future” and “hone himself”, and go further and further on the football road.

  3. Corporation of making it messy …

  4. Hey, this kind of strong pull is really sad.

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