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Argentina lost Maradona on the hot search fans: Messi is never as good as him

In the World Cup group stage, Argentina broke out of shock, and they lost to Saudi Arabia, which were previously considered fish.

According to the statistics of “Virtue”, the total value of Argentina’s team is 645 million euros, which is 25 times that of Saudi Arabia’s 25.02 million euros.

After losing the popular Argentine team, Maradona, who had died, went on a hot search.

On social networking sites, foreign fans posted pictures, saying that Maradona was watching the Argentine team in heaven, and Messi could never be Maradona.Maradona will never be like this.

It can be said that public opinion is quite unfavorable to Messi.

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  1. 9o old horse is the final of Argentina with Argentina. It is Brazil, which has been eliminated with a power. Can Mei be able to do it! Can the group live this time! Can you win without running?

  2. Blame Higuain! Intersection Intersection Intersection

  3. How much did Meimei run in total? Can you win when you stand?

  4. is not comparable to the old horse

  5. soft -footed crab also wants to compare with Maradona, it is really funny, but the jumping Liang clown is just!

  6. The question is that Milito has never appeared [digging nose]

  7. There is a saying that Messi is not as good as Milito in the national team

  8. Of course

  9. first understand the Saudi team. Who said that people are fish?

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