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Analysis of the Football Association Cup: 6 Teams probably give up the Taishan sea port to re -meet again?

Source: Tai’an Daily · Most Thai Security Media Niu Zhiming

Affected by many factors such as schedule adjustments, the 2022 FA Cup can only be arranged in 2023 from the fourth round.Last season, the Taishan team defeated Harbor to win the championship at 1-0 in the finals. Now the two teams are still in the top of the championship. Especially when multiple teams have left the team, the overall gold content of the Football Association Cup has been directly affected.

In the first half, the Taishan team and the three towns competed for the semi -finals. Originally, this was the focus matchup, but the three towns chose to give up, their foreign aids left the team, and the head coach has also entered the holiday.EssenceShanghai Shenhua played against the Cangzhou lion, and Shenhua’s foreign aid Basego did not return to the team. They have determined that the whole Chinese class has played. Cangzhou’s foreign aid has left the team. Most young players will participate in the FA Cup competition.

From the perspective of the overall strength, Shenhua still has certain advantages compared to Cangzhou. In most cases this season, only double foreign aids can be played, and there are many games in the Chinese class. Their overall competitiveness is not weak.More importantly, Shenhua’s equity reform is basically completed, and Shanghai Jiuwan will become the new shareholder of Shenhua team, which is also a stimulus to the impact of Shenhua in the Football Association Cup.If the Taishan team and Shenhua meet in the semi -finals, then this duel is not easy. The semi -finals should be a single game, and there will be more variables in the game.

In the second half of the area, Shanghai Harbor and Chengdu Rongcheng compete for the semi -finals. The original Chengdu lineup can still create some threats to the Harbor, but the news shows that the foreign aid of Chengdu will not participate in the FA Cup.Coupled with Endiaye, Balgas, Caron, and Paulinho, they have five foreign aids to choose from. The back line Zhang Linzhang, Jiang Guang Tai and others can play.Essence

Objectively speaking, as long as Harbor plays its own level, it is not difficult to advance to Chengdu Rongcheng in two rounds.Another set of duels is the Zhejiang team against Jinan Xingzhou. This set of confrontations cannot arrange foreign aid to play. Of course, their foreign aid is basically sure that they will not participate in the FA Cup. Jinan Xingzhou is preparing for the battle.The championship, the FA Cup competition has eliminated Changchun Yatai, and the Zhejiang team in the two rounds against the entire Chinese class.The highlights of the Football Association Cup.

Of course, if Jinan Xingzhou can enter the semi -finals, it is likely to face seaports. At that time, foreign aids in the Harbor will not be able to play, and the game will also have variables.On the whole, because multiple teams choose to arrange foreign aid to enter the holidays in advance, the overall competitiveness of the Football Association Cup has declined. The Taishan team and Harbor are two teams with stronger overall strength. If the two teams meet the finals, this is also normal.It should be pointed out that the FA Cup champion can directly win the AFC Champions League. If the Taishan team and seaport meet in the finals, not only decide the championship to belong to, but also decide the AFC Champions League and the qualifications of the playoffs.Let the game have more highlights.

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