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American artillery confirmation Zhang Zhizhen Xixi Timi 2023 Australian Net Tournament


Zhang Zhizhen obtained the qualifications of the Australian Open men’s singles in 2023

Zhang Zhizhen won the 2023 Australian Open men’s singles qualification with the world ranking!As the American artillery Opalca confirmed to withdraw from the Australian Open, Zhang Zhizhen, the first Chinese brother, was shortlisted directly.This is also the first time that the Men’s Men’s Men’s Network has directly entered the Grand Scropes through ranking.

Zhang Zhizhen, previously participated in the Australian Open Qualifications, but failed to enter the final match.In the first round of the 2020 qualification competition, the battle was defeated in the first round of the battle; in the first round of the 2021 qualifying competition, the East Scois was eliminated.

In addition, Zhang Zhizhen had previously appeared in the Grand Slam Zheng Slam in 2021 and 2022, but failed to break through the first round.

According to the previously announced Australian Open bonus distribution, even if the men’s singles were out in the first round, there were nearly 500,000 yuan bonuses. The second round was 750,000, and the third round was 1.08 million.

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  1. Come on!

  2. Regardless of the results, it is gratifying to be shortlisted in the final game. I look forward to more Chinese male players in the Australian Open.Money

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    RecallingJiangnan6189583049 1月 5, 2023 at 2:34 上午

    Zhang Zhizhen is really a wave of twists and turns, good things!From more than 90th ranking, it is definitely selected for the main competition to 102, waiting for the two to take the last bus after retirement!Rather than seeking a lucky victory, it is better to get the first 8 seeds in the first round!

  4. 500,000, can there be 100,000 left after expenses?

  5. Congratulations, this time to seize the opportunity, the last time the US Open leaks five points, it is still vivid [shut up] [sleepy]

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