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Alda praised Pippe’s progress: he can do better

Mickel Alta said that Nicholas Pepe has made great progress in Arsenal in the past few months, and the Cotti people have begun to fulfill the expectations of 72 million pounds.

When the gunman introduced the 25 -year -old forward from Lille in 2019, the gunman broke their transfer record, but they found that the value of the transaction was difficult to be fulfilled.

However, Pepe seized a line of vitality from the penalty kick in the European Union Cup last week, and scored 10 goals in the UEFA Cup this season.

Alda believes that Pepe is beginning to improve. He said on Arsenal’s official website: “I think he has made great progress in the past few months.”

“His professional ethics is amazing. He decided more games and did what he could do in a more stable way in the three districts. So I was satisfied with him, and now he needs to continue this.”

“The confidence in every player is crucial. Every time you set foot on the court, if they feel safe, if they feel protection, if they feel their coaches and teammates support, it is crucial to their performance.”

“Then he can do better, and he is better. But all this is reflected in his performance.”

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