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Alaba: Leaving Bayern because I want to get out of the comfort zone. This decision makes me cry

David Alaba explained that he chose to leave Bayern Munich’s comfort zone. At the same time, the Austrian international also acknowledged that it was really difficult to cut off with the Bundesliga champion.

The 28 -year -old defender who stayed in Bavaria for 13 years is preparing to meet a new challenge. The contract with the Anilian Stadium with Munich is about to expire and formally restore freedom.

From Real Madrid to Chelsea, Alaba does not lack a suitor. He looks forward to a new chapter in his career after giving a soft time in Bayern’s championship.

When asked what emotions would bring him to leave Bayern Munich and why he chose this road, Alaba told the club’s official website: “When things come to the end, it is always sad. I always feel like I am at home. “

“Obviously, when I leave Bayern, I will cry, but at the same time I am looking forward to my future.”

“This is not a decision to be unfavorable to the club, but I decide that I want to try some new things and take a new step forward.”

“In order to grow, you must leave your ‘comfort zone’ -I deliberately included the word with quotes because it may be misunderstood.”

“In Bayern, management, locker rooms, or your own expectations on the court are always extreme.”

“I think, maybe you must enter the unknown world in order to become more mature.”

After playing for Bayern more than 420 times, Alaba will leave the Bundesliga giant.

Since entering the first team lineup at the age of 17, he has always been a model of stable teams. The Austrian international foot can kick back in the team and midfielder.

Alaba has achieved a series of honors in Bayern, including 9 Bundesliga Champions, and the 10th is also very likely to win. There are 6 German Cup champions, 2 Champions League championships and 2 ICO World Federation World Cup cup champion.

When talking about how he came to this step and what farewell means, Alaba added: “I don’t know if you will see me crying, but I will definitely cry in my heart.”

“When we recently took the last important photo in the Andan Stadium, I had to fight against my emotions.”

“I am very grateful to fans for their support for so many years. I have always felt a special connection with them.”

“Once in Frankfurt, a fan called me to the fence. After that, we would have eyes exchange at least every game.”

“I can always imagine that I was on the south, because I stood in those times when I was a teenager.”

“All the results of all this are very interesting. I used to be a caddy in the Champions League. When the stars appeared, I was also one of the boys waving in the central circle with the flag. Now, I have become the stadium A player above stands on the Champions League. “

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