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After the old lottery is successfully carried on the cancer, the lucky lottery is 5.89 million.

2022130 Fortunately, the Blessing Cai Cai Double Color Award 5 bets in Jiangsu. Recently, the winner of the 9+2 duplex lottery tickets of more than 5.89 million yuan came to the Provincial Fucai Center to redeem the prize to tell us a touching story of blessing lottery.

Erotic lottery game to digital game

The winner of the prize was 58 years old. He accompanied his wife and children to the Provincial Fortune Center. After the seat was settled, Uncle Zhang took the initiative to open the box. If it wasn’t for personal experience, the joy of this lucky god may be a fictional story of “No Thai” for him. The hardcore lottery has been buying lottery for more than ten years. The most proud private collection in the family is the welfare lottery he stored in the iron box. Buying a welfare lottery can be said to be the only hobby and hope in his life. No matter whether you encounter annoyance or happy things, Uncle Zhang will calm down to write the number, similar to the daily writing diary. Feeling.

Fucai loves time and rain in time, dilemma turns good luck

Coincidentally, his lottery habits are extremely fixed. Except for betting numbers, which method of bets every week, and the amount of purchases is unchanged. This habit has changed until July this year. Uncle Zhang, who has always been healthy in the conventional physical examination, found the tumor, entered the hospital for surgery, and went home for two months to go out. The severe blow of good health made the family that was not rich in the family. The son had not yet become a family, and his wife was suffering from disabilities. When the body is slightly rest, Uncle Zhang will bet on the Fucai number in the way of remembering his diary. First simulation at home to find a feeling of buying a lottery, two months later I went out to buy lottery tickets. Talking about the 9+2 duplex winning number of 336 yuan, it costs a lot, which is nearly five times the previous bet amount. Why is it so difficult at home, why are you still insisting on betting lottery? Uncle Zhang explained that this is the number of pains that he has worked hard at home for two months at home, and he has been simulating the practice of practicing failure. Blue 12 is the bed number of his hospitalization. The prizes were favored.

Good people have a good report. When Fucai was just listed, Uncle Zhang was associated with it. While dedicating love, the blessing was finally lucky when he was in difficulties in his life. This is a real story. Of course, the owner of the story did not believe it at the beginning. It wasn’t until he saw the winning site of the betting site with his own eyes, and came to receive the award in person. All the dust settled, and a heart put down. The life of Uncle Zhang’s family has undergone a dramatic change due to insisting on buying the lottery. He said that some of the funds have returned to funding their relatives and friends, mostly for their son to become a family, and to push for the elderly with their wife.

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