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After the letters, the free throw overthrow the ladder insurance conflict with the staff

On November 19, Beijing time, the Milwauki Bucks lost 76 people to Philadelphia 102 to 110. Extremely bad. After the game, the letter brother was still arguing with the 76 artificial staff while practicing a free throw.

Because of the bad free throws in the game today, the letters have been refused to leave the stadium after losing. He has been holding a free throw in the venue with the game, and the fans on the scene also took a video of the letters of the letters.

But just when the letters of the letters, the 76ers player Harrell first took the ball he practiced directly. Then the letter ran back to the locker room and brought two basketballs to continue the free throw.

Later, the audience had left all of them, and 76 people on -site staff were preparing to correct the basket and went home from get off work. At this time, the letter brother is still practicing, and the staff repeatedly dissuade the discouragement. At this time, the staff placed the ladder directly under the basket, and the letters pushed down the ladder, causing disputes. Harrell also reprimanded the alphabetic brother in the center of the venue. The video that pushed down the ladder also made the alphabet brother deep in the vortex of public opinion.

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  1. The foot of the foot is really interested, and you can roll up the bag and walk away! , Still staying at 76 people at home and touching porcelain brothers PK?

  2. Why did you do it early? Practicing a wool. Pure show

  3. all alliance must be fined the letters.

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    ThiswinterMisspeechless 11月 20, 2022 at 2:32 上午

    Losses and loses people

  5. 76 people back to the back competition staff to repair the blue frame like this disturb others

  6. So you can’t let the villain be ambitious

  7. What quality

  8. The character is too bad, there is no way

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    WitivinesTheWitaryleftbank 11月 20, 2022 at 2:32 上午

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