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After the game, Messi rarely furiously furiously sneered in the opponent’s players and coaches

In the World Cup 1/4 final, Argentina advanced to the World Cup through a penalty shootout.It is worth mentioning that Messi expressed dissatisfaction with many aspects after the game.

Regarding the referee of this game, Messi said that FIFA should not let the unrestrained referee law enforcement.

Messi also satirized Van Gaal, saying that he gave up his football philosophy, and would only send a big man to play high.

In an interview, Messi also scolded Weghoster: What to see, you look like a stupid.

After entering the locker room channel, Messi also conflicted with the Dutch assistant coach Davis.

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    Aftertheghostsandghosts 10 12 月, 2022 at 2:16 上午

    The upper body is also a way to play. It is not allowed to let the opponent higher than you [Yun Bei].Seeing that Japan said nothing, there was no way to be born with disadvantages.

  2. Mei Dalang is also matched with the old horse

  3. This referee is crazy. I want to appeal to cancel the yellow card

  4. 3 games to stop the game, let you get it

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    2014belongstoArgentina 10 12 月, 2022 at 2:16 上午

    | The referees in the first two games are loose enough. The yellow card is full of sky, and the two teams are playing on both sides of the final.

  6. If Maradona does this, it must be regarded as a true temperament by Meihei, with personality, and spiritual attributes …

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    Offensivefootballdefender 10 12 月, 2022 at 2:16 上午

    This referee is very unfriendly to Messi, La Liga will blow Messi to compete for the championship.The ball, the level is also the worst. A game showed 15 yellow cards in one game to create a world record. In the next game, almost all the players in Argentina were suspended.

  8. The Royal Royal Truth

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    Chinesegoodgrandson|Chinesegoodgrandson||User7363692175 10 12 月, 2022 at 2:16 上午

    Wild Pig Wars Little Flea

  10. Wild pig is probably not wearing glasses

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