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After the cold winter, Henan Songshan Longmen hopes to have a warm spring

Reporter Lumi reported that the just -ended 2022 Chinese Super League gave everyone the highest expectations. In addition to promoting the three towns of Ma Wuhan, there is also a steady start of the season of Henan, Songshan Longmen, Henan.

At the beginning of the season, the team set the goal of “Six Six Contests and Four”. The season was good. At one time, it was the top three in the standings. In the middle of the season, the Henan team ushered in the support of the Central Plains Bank. At that time, many fans were still looking forward to Henan.The team will fight the AFC again in the coming year.However, the team encountered some problems. At the end of the season, the Henan team was 6 points less than the Zhejiang, Harbor Team, and Chengdu Rongcheng, but the goal of “Bao Six” has reached.

For the Henan team, what is needed now is to solve some practical difficulties. For example, in the dilemma of funds at the end of the 2022 season, the Henan team has owed four months of wages.Building a club framework has become an imminent thing.

Let’s take a look at the overall situation of Songshan Longmen in Henan in the 2022 season.

Harville returned to a new stage of the development of this furniture.From the perspective of the club, Henan is the Chinese Super League team that has taken the lead in completing a neutral reform reform and implemented equity reform.It is because of the new advancement of equity reform, and the situation in all aspects cannot be carried out. In terms of equity reform, the Henan team is undoubtedly at the forefront of the trend.

Due to various reasons, the team failed to achieve breakthroughs for various reasons. However, at the time of entering the 2022 season, the three parties of the Henan Club were still stable. In the formation of the first team, further personnel upgraded.Yang Shuai, Zhao Hongluo, etc. played Zhao Yuhao.In terms of foreign aid, Adrian, which is quite colorful in various teams.Although the two excellent midfielders, Ivo and Zhou Dingyang, the overall strength of the Henan team should be said to be at the forefront of the 2022 season and show a upward trend.

Therefore, whether it is the club’s three -party shareholders, the club itself, and the team, players, have a higher expectation of the 2022 season.

The start of the season, as people expect, after the first game with the Dalian people, the Songshan Longmen, Henan, killed the Quartet in the Haikou Division, and only lost to the Taishan team in Shandong.Third, one point is 1 point less than the Taishan in front of him, 5 points less than the top three towns in Wuhan.

The fundamental reason why the Henan team can get such a good start in the first stage is stability.Although Harville hopes to upgrade the technical and tactics and hopes that from the traditional defensive counterattack to the control system, the changes in each game are not large. Harveil has not planned in place, and the team’s play is still stable.Secondly, the team staff has been stable. Two foreign aid Dorrado and Kalanga have been partnered for a long time in the frontcourt, and the cooperation is quite tacit. In addition, Huang Zichang and Adrian kept sending cannonballs for two striker and sharing defensive pressures in front of them.It has achieved quite good results.On the back -defense line, the middle -generation power of the middle generation made the entire line of defense more stable.The club has always maintained stability in investment, which also caused players to have no worries.

After the first stage, the club introduced the Central Plains Bank as a sponsor to help the club’s benign operation.After the second stage of restoring the main away away, the team’s trend was not as strong as the first stage, or in other words, it began to gradually become stumbling, and finally quietly withdrew from the first four competitions.The Zhejiang team’s outstanding performance, the Henan team has little sense of presence.

What’s wrong with the Henan team?

One of the key reasons that you can see is the reduction of staff.The first is the injury. Zhao Hongluo and Zhao Yuhao’s long -term truce have undoubtedly disrupted the original plan.After Ivo and Zhou Dingyang left, the two were responsible for the two people, and now almost three or four people are needed to complete. Adrian is not a defensive midfielder. Behind him, at least two defensive domestic midfielders need to be protected and protected and protected and protected and protected.In order to achieve the previous results.Zhao Yuhao is obviously the main player who has been responsible for in the new season. After his injury, the team’s loss is obvious.Zhao Hongluo, as the main guardian personnel, is the same.

In addition to injuries, there are unexpected reductions.Due to a calm foul, Doruada buried himself in the 2022 season, and his contract with the Henan team could only end.In fact, in the red card, the team has signs of signs in the team. In the first stage, Ma Xingyu and Zhong Jinbao went to the red cards of Luo Yan later.What happened to the rest of the game due to accidents.

During the summer window, Harville quickly introduced Karilo as a supplement. Prior to him, the established midfielder supplement was that the Spanish Pina also successfully completed the introduction.In the second half of the season, the performance of the two new aids was general, and it did not bring significant help to the team.Therefore, the fans of the Henan team have always hoped to see Carantan’s injuries and come back. When they see Kalanga fighting in the frontcourt, many fans will sigh: If Dora can always play.

In the late 2022 season, especially after entering December, at the critical moment of fighting four, the Henan team had only 2 victories in 7 games. One of them was to defeat the dives of the Hebei team.At the last moment, the opponent was flat or killed.In the past, the Henan team made a lot of times to reverse the killing and flat times in the second half. This season, they became more “background boards” that other teams performed well. This situation was obviously not accidental.As we all know, the Henan Club has arrears at the end of last year. At the end of November, the salary of one month was remedied. At present, there are still four months of arrears and some bonuses.The player’s mentality may also be affected.

The Chinese Super League in the 2022 season has ended, and many teams have entered a state of vacation.Many Chinese Super League teams have started the preparations for the new season, including the actions and the arrangement of the winter training plan.More and more.

Compared with the guidance, the Henan team urgently needed to solve the core players who renewed the contract contract. In terms of domestic players, the contracts of Ke Zhao, Chen Keqiang, Ma Xingyu, and Huang Zichang all expired at the end of last year.Huang Zichang’s stay is the most concerned about fans.Among all the recruitment last season, he and Zhong Yihao were the highest cost -effective and had the most role in the team.Huang Zichang played 31 times in total. The league scored 7 goals and contributed 5 assists, and the FA Cup scored 2 goals.His help to the team are not only reflected in his personal offensive efficiency, but also the space he created for other teammates in the frontcourt.The fans were eager to see the news of Huang Zichang’s team, but so far, the club has not talked to him about renewal.

As for foreign aid, Pina and Carli, who arrived in the middle of the season, signed a short contract. The team had a short efficiency time and experienced arrears during the period. At the end of the season, it was determined to leave the team.A few days ago, Cali time had completed the termination with the Henan Club and joined Lapraa college students. Pina recently received an invitation from the La Liga Gudis team. It is currently negotiating with the Henan Club, and it may soon return to La Liga.

The contract between Adrian and the Henan team expired at the end of last year, but there was a terms of automatic renewal of about one year in the contract. However, Adrian himself said that he had received invitations from many furniture music clubs and is still considering the whereabouts.The post -defense gate, Schonich, has a year’s contract with the club, but he is also hesitating whether to continue the contract.

The five foreign aid last season can really determine that only Karaga who stayed in the new season.

Of course, some players have clearly expressed their hope to renew the contract and want to negotiate with the club, but the current problem is that the first -team high -level contract expires at the end of last year, and the renewal work has not been completed.Unable to carry out.

In the late league last season, the head coach Harville was worried about the situation of the club. If it is not possible to resolve the management of management and player renewal and new quotation as soon as possible, it will also be a huge impact for Harveil. In the new season, the new season will be.His work is difficult to carry out as usual.

The reporter learned from the club that the club is currently solving the remaining problems.Regarding whether the new season will change the structure of the three parties, some fans have previously questioned on the government website. The official reply given by Luoyang Cultural Tourism Group is: “At presentLuoyang Cultural Tourism Group plans to communicate with Zhengzhou next year and will hold the home games in Luo. “

Jianye Group has encountered some difficulties in recent years. There are rumors that Jianye Group will withdraw from the club this year. Instead, it is a animal husbandry enterprise.The club, as long as the company is in one day, will persist.

Affected by the epidemic, the Super League has encountered a lot of difficulties in the past three years. Henan football has been adhered to. Jianye Group has been carrying this team forward. When Chinese football is the most difficult, the first share has been changed to do it for the entire industry.demonstration.By 2023, Chinese football will usher in a new round of changes, and the full and open -end opening is a new opportunity for all clubs.After surviving the cold winter, Henan football should also be worthy of a warm spring, depending on how the future club seize this opportunity.

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