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After the 95th, the little security 8 yuan to win the two -color ball 5.61 million: this set of numbers only keep the 3 issue


Winning lottery

On the evening of December 22, the 2022147th issue of Fucai opened a prize number of 02, 03, 07, 13, 20, 30 + 10, and a total of 17 first prizes in the country, with a single bet of 5.61 million yuan.Our province was lucky to get 2 bets, one bet, a flower fell into Jingmen, and a bet was obtained by Yichang Lottery.

At 2 pm on December 27, the winner of the Jingmen Award, Xiao Liu (Hua’s surname), appeared in the provincial Fucai Center to redeem the prize alone.

Xiao Liu was a post -95s, and now Jingmen’s company is a security guard.His family is in the field and has not married yet. He likes to play double -color balls in his spare time.He often stood in front of the lottery number chart, hoping that he could win a prize.

Xiao Liu has a friend who likes to play two -color ball.His friend is playing the number, and the number is composed of the birth date of his family.

After hearing about it, Xiao Liu felt that playing like this is also good, so he learned it.A few days ago, Xiao Liu wrote down the birth date of his parents and grandparents, and combined it into a 4 -set number number.

Fortunately, only after buying three issues, Xiao Liu met the prize.

On the morning of December 23, Xiao Liu checked the prize number with his mobile phone and found that his first group number was the first prize.At that time, he couldn’t believe it, his heart banged quickly.

After a little calm, he immediately called and told his parents about the award.After confirming that Xiao Liu really won the prize, his parents repeatedly told: to keep low -key and don’t say it.Quietly go to the prize, why should I do when I come back?

Xiao Liu believes that he is very lucky, and the first bucket of gold in life comes from the welfare lottery.

He said: “I will continue to buy a two -color ball and repay the grace of the Fucai Award.”

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