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After laughing in the wild fox contest, the second half of the game showed bad Tong Mengcheng to advance to the top 12

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Special reporter Gu Ke reported that on the evening of January 8th, in the Eighth Wild Fox’s Popular Game Popularity Championship 16 into the top 12 games, Tong Mengcheng Eight Section (successfully passing the level) held a black victory and Lian Xiaojiu (Sword was silent)., Advance to the top 12.

Popularity competition is a traditional online competition hosted by the wild fox game. The final of the Popular hegemony of the last issue was just over. Wang Xinghao won the nine sections of Zhao Chenyu 2-0 in the seventh section and won the first championship for the first time.The total bonus of the hegemony is 900,000 yuan and the championship bonus is 400,000 yuan.

In the first two games that had been ended, the nine sections of Shenzheng in South Korea lost to his teammate Yuansheng Shengzheng.The latter is 38 years old, but the online warfare is endless. The degree of diligence is no less than the post -00 players. The popularity of the wild fox is as high as 7th, and it is ranked in front of Xie Kejiu and Ke Jie.There is also a plate of Tan Xiao’s nine paragraphs to Ding Haojiu.This time is the third set of 16 to 12.

The reputation of the two looks different, but in the online competition, Tong Mengcheng has a much better grade.In the TWT Tencent Go Championships and the Wild Fox Popularity Competition, Tong Mengcheng’s record was brilliant, and he was awarded the 1st and 3rd TWT championship. Among them, the 3rd match decisive battle, his opponent was laughing.In the Popular hegemony, in April 2020, Tong Mengcheng reached the first competition finals, defeating Jingshan Yuta Nine Section 2 to win the championship, and Lian Xiao never reached the Finals of the Popularization Competition.

The two people in this game looked like each other. After making enough laughter at the chessboard, it looked like the right side of the copper wall and iron wall.Later, Lian Xiaozhi was solitary and exciting, and he calmly pulled the flowers in the black sky. After Bai Dalong was out of the black iron barrel array, his advantage was very clear.

Lian Xiao under the advantage began to slow down. First, on the right side, it was a big black block on the right, but it was too far away.Later, Lian Xiao was like walking into the dead alley, and even Tong Mengcheng became an absolute first in order to ensure his own live chess and keep the potential offensive to keep the outer black chess.EssenceAt this time, he just took off the big field with one hand, and the value was extremely large.Even if the upper right corner is to let Black take it first, it is just a robbery, but the lower right corner is the robbery of the white side.

Tong Mengcheng becomes stronger and stronger, and the more it is distributed, and the deepening of the white array on the left to create a robbery. Like the robbery that may be formed on the upper right, Lian Xiao has a lot of ignorance.EssenceIn actual combat, he stubbornly wins the upper left robbery, and as a result, he fell back, letting Black rush into the upper left in the sky.

Even so, at this time, the white game did not deteriorate. Next, Lian Liao smiled and pulled a fatal one hand. In order to eat and live in the black two sons, he left countless bad smells and gave Tong Mengcheng the opportunity to search for good opportunities.In his hand, White’s concession was conceded, and he dared not even hold it. He was tragically scratched. As a professional master, he had to give up again and again.

It was originally a white advantage situation. At the end of the Guanzi, the official was the result of the 14th purpose of the black board.Although Tong Mengcheng played well, the bad performance of even the second half of the laughter was seen at a glance.

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