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After 80s, the number of double-color balls in the number of double-color balls in the number

On December 11, 2022, the 2022142 of the two -color ball, a lottery buyer No. 13110386, Tong’an Street, Tongcheng District, Shijiazhuang City.The third prize 18 bets, the fourth prize 45 bets, and the fifth prize 20 bets, the total bonus is 8.237458 million yuan.The next afternoon, the award winner, Mr. Zhao (Hua) drove from Tancheng to the Provincial Fortune Center to receive the super lucky belonging to him.

Mr. Zhao is a post -80s. As a senior lottery enthusiast, he has always liked two -color ball.In many years of lottery career, he also explored a unique set of two -color ball selection method: Red ball focuses on selecting hot numbers, because he likes numbers 3, and he usually chooses 3 numbers with 3.33 Including it; secondly, the “right code”, the so -called right code, is the two numbers corresponding to the head and tail, such as 01 and 33, 02, 32, 03 and 31, and the value is 34. This time he chose it.01 and 33, 15 and 19 groups of “pair code”; as for the blue ball, the number is used.Mr. Zhao said: “I have been guarding the cold number 03 for several months. I think that the cold number always appears, and it will not come out, I will keep it. When I went to buy a lottery ticket on the day of winning,I also told the salesperson that this time it must be 03, and I believe that 03 will not only come out, but it will definitely be supplemented. After all, I have n’t come out for so long. Do n’t look at the heads I said, in fact, it ’s all. In the final analysis, the prize is the prize.By luck. “

After receiving the tax 6.6 million yuan in cash check, Mr. Zhao said: “How did the bonus use not thinking about it? I will discuss with my family and make a decision.Chengcai, live up to society. “In the end, Mr. Zhao repeatedly said:” Don’t look at my winning prize, but I still hope that everyone can buy lottery rationally. Don’t always like to win the prize. Buying lottery tickets is entertainment.fan.”

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