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After 5.84 million weeks of the man, the bonus bonus is used to buy a car to visit his parents


Winning lottery

On November 13th, the double -color ball awards blossomed all over the country, and the first prize of 50 bets was sprayed. This is the first prize of the first prize in the first prize of the two -color ball of 1.2 billion yuan this year.

On November 13th, China Welfare Lottery Double Color Balls 2022130 Lottery was awarded. More than 570,000 yuan. Guangdong’s two prizes in the CCP in this two -color ball blowout, of which 1 injection flower landed in the 44101094 sales outlets of Yangwu First Industrial Zone, Daling Mountain Town, Dongguan City. Tickets, total bonuses of more than 5.84 million yuan.

Occasionally, I won a prize

It has been a week since the award from the Grand Prize. Just when the staff speculates if the winner will miss the reasons for the recent epidemic. In the morning of November 21st, Mr. Li (Hua surname) accompanied the elder brother to the Dongguan Fucai Center to redeem the prize. Essence Mr. Li said he almost missed the award.

It is understood that Mr. Li usually does not buy lottery tickets, and occasionally goes to buy one after the Fushua sales venue. He always feels that he is not a devout lottery. He will not have a “big prize”, and he can be satisfied with a small prize. Therefore, every time he bought the lottery, he did not redeem the prize in time, so that he found that the lottery ticket expired when he passed the lottery to the sales venue.

On the afternoon of November 18th, Mr. Li was on the way to a nucleic acid detection. After the sales outlets of 44101094 in Daling Mountain Town, when he saw the first prize in the outlet promotion, he planned to make a “eat melon” to ask the winning situation in the prize. Also buy another lottery ticket. When I saw the number of the first prize, the number of the first prize coincided with the number I bought last time, Mr. Li panicked, and he immediately walked to a remote place to call his brother. He said, “I was panicked at the time, and I didn’t know what to do, so I asked my brother to come and help me go out.”

Mr. Li found that when he won the prize on Friday afternoon, he had no time to redeem the prize at the city center, so he “boiled” at home to the redeem of the prize on Monday. The brothers have not seen such a big prize before, so they did not sleep well these days, like a big stone in my heart. Now that I have come to the prize, I can finally put down my heart. Mr. Li said that he always wanted to buy a car in order to return to his hometown to visit his parents. He only had no funds, and now he can finally realize his wish.

The value of the two -color ball 1.2 billion faction awarded public welfare heating value upgrade

Mr. Li won 5.22 million prizes of the first prize. When he encountered the annual double -color ball 1.2 billion prizes, the total bonus rose to 5.84 million.

Public welfare temperature, value upgrade! In 2022, China Welfare Lottery Two -color Ball 1.2 billion prize -winning event was fierce. Starting from the 2022125 (November 1, 2022), the two -color ball game launched the 2022 two -color ball game award, with a prize prize of 1.2 billion yuan. During the event, the awards were doubled, and the single injection could be won 20 million. Public welfare, passion for love, gaining surprise, lucky you! Please pay attention to the event details. (Guangdong Fucai)

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