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AFC Champions League: China and Japan Collting!Guangzhou encounters the J League champion Taishan Zhanu Kami

On January 17th, the 2022 AFC Champions League grouping ceremony was held, and the strong teams in China and Japan met.

Group F: Shandong Taishan (the Football Association Cup champion), Puhe Red Diamond (Japanese Cup Championship), Lion City Sailor, Merchants Team 4

Group G: Badon United, Quannan Tianlong, Philippines Liancheng, Melbourne City

Group H: Jeonbuk Hyundai (Korean champion), Yokohama Waterman, Jiali Huangying, Merchant Team 1 (Changchun Yatai VS Australian Football Cup champion/Kaya)

Group I: Kawasaki striker (J -League champion), Guangzhou team, Johor (Malaysia), and Merchants Team 3 (Ulshan Modern VS Thai Port)

Group J: Shanghai Harbor, Qing La Lian, Jiezhi (Hong Kong, China), and Merchant Team 2 (Kobe Victory Ship VS Sydney FC/Federation)

Analyzing the group situation, overall presenting the situation of the PK of the two strong teams of China and Japan. The champions of the two countries in Shandong Taishan and Puhe Red Diamonds are divided into a group; the Guangzhou team also encounters the Japanese league champion Kawasaki forward;After Yatai rushed to the playoff, he encountered Jeonbuk Hyundai.

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  2. Xiaobian also gave a Bencae Football Association Cup

  3. Combined with our no league championship

  4. I hope the tragedy of 5-0,6-0 will no longer be performed.

  5. Every time the double champion is the cup champion, only the Super League can have 4 teams to participate in the AFC Champions League. If the league champion competes, the FA Cup runner -up is not eligible for the competition.

  6. China is a group of idiots. I only care about Europe

  7. Expand the army?

  8. Wrong, the only suspense is whether Xu Jiayin can still deceive the travel expenses to participate in the AFC Champions League.

  9. Lose as much as possible. We have nothing to say

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    Thisnumberisspecificallyhandledwithbars 11月 16, 2022 at 7:49 上午

    Will we plan to send youth teams this time?

  11. The surname Chen!

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