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Adelaide Station-Zheng Qinwen’s wounded and winning 8 innings to reverse Rogers into the second round


Zheng Qinwen’s left thighs were discomfort in the competition, but still winning the eight games to reverse the level

On January 10, Beijing time, the WTA500 Adelaide continued to start the first round of the women’s singles in 2023.Although Chinese player Zheng Qinwen once appeared on the symptoms of left thigh discomfort in the game, he asked for medical treatment and bandaging, but after losing one, he played a wave of attack waves in a row.6-4/6-0 defeated lucky defeats and American player Rogers to get a big start.Zheng Qinwen will face the two Grand Slam champion Kovitova in the second round, and the latter defeats Libakinna in the first round of 6-3/7-5.

In the first game, Zheng Qinwen was slightly ups and downs in the 7th inning, and was seized by Rogers to seize the opportunity to break.At the time of the battle to 4-5, Zheng Qinwen suspected to be strained with thighs and asked a medical suspension of medical treatment.After returning to the field, when Rogers’s serve was 40-15, he lost points in a row. Rogers had a stunning to complete the warranty and therefore won 6-4.

In the second set, Zheng Qinwen immediately broke back after being broken in the third game, but when she was resting between the subsequent game, she once again brought the protector to bandage the left thigh.In the 10th game, Zheng Qinwen completed a key break in the Rogers’s noise, thus pulling back a plate with 6-4.

In the third set of games, Zheng Qinwen successfully sent the eggs with a drum, and won the victory 6-0, thereby reversing Rogers to pass the barrier.With the victory of this game, Zheng Qinwen scored 80 points and immediately ranked 28th.

In addition, in the first round of the women’s doubles, Zhang Shuai/Maya 6 (4) -7/6-3/2-10 lost to Stephenini/Thomson, Yang Zhaoxi/Zhan Haoqing to meet Corolteva/Wanzo Sosova.

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  1. Pure fart!A professional athlete will be angry, you should play at home!

  2. Care a good injury, you can consider retirement, and continue to look forward to Ing

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    Nameisalsodifficulttostart 1月 10, 2023 at 4:21 上午

    This phenomenon when you are in IKEA. Should it be caused by fatigue

  4. What he should do, black powder in the eyes of athletes is a joke

  5. Although Zhang Shuai is not good at warm -up, it will be resurrected as Nadal when you come to the Grand Slam. Xiao Zheng is playing with a black powder in the show.Grand Slam is unfavorable.

  6. injured again?How big is this [surprised]

  7. Still heal the injury first

  8. Continue to cheer!

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    Autumnwindknowsautumnrain 1月 10, 2023 at 4:21 上午

    Too dependence on serving, fortunately, the launch of the last two disks online!

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