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Adelaide Station-Djo’s first set of 2-5 rises to catch up with both seven wins and seven wins into the quarterfinals


Djokovic double -snatched the seven defeats of Harryz and broke into the quarterfinals

On January 5th, Beijing time, ATP250 Adelaide Station continued to start the second round of the men’s singles.The number one seed in the competition Djokovic overcame the passiveness of the first set of 2-5 in the first set, and eventually used 7-6 (3)/7-6 (5) Likehalis.French players won 19 consecutive victories, and the next round of Djokovic, who was promoted to the quarterfinals, will fight Saba Valov.Shatov’s 6-4/6-3 two sets to defeat the qualified player Saverine.

In the second round of the four men’s singles in yesterday, Medvedev won seven games in a row, and finally swept Katzmannovic to the quarterfinals at 6-0/6-3 straight.The 1/4 final will face the compatriots Kasunov, and the latter eliminates Draper 6-4/6-2.Sigang Renren 6-4/6-3 eliminated Mike Donna, and the qualified player Poprin 4-6/6-4/6-3 reversed Kuala.Nishioka Ren and Poplin met at the quarterfinals.

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    PeiguangPlug-inShadow 1月 6, 2023 at 2:54 上午

    It ’s great to serve Halis ~ Fortunately, Djo HOLD lived

  2. The warm -up effect was good.

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