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A two -color ball in men’s two -color balls suddenly said that suddenly help relatives and friends in difficulties


210 million winners appear to lead the prize

Editor’s note: The World Cup is still in full swing. Tonight will usher in the 1/4 final of the stimulus. I wish you all a steady order!”Review of the Great Big Million Award Series in China” brought today’s 210 million yuan award in Yangzhou, Jiangsu in 2016!The prize winner appeared in the prize when he was awarded 36, and took the initiative to ask the donation bonus, saying that it was the request of the parents.The bonus will be used to improve the living conditions and help relatives and friends who have difficulties!

On February 2nd, the double -color ball conducted the 14th issue of 2016, and the province’s Yangzhou Caimin Hao took 210 million yuan. This is a huge red envelope sent by the bi -color ball game on the eve of the Spring Festival of the Monkey Year!At 11 am on February 4th, 36 hours after the award of the 210 million yuan two -color ball award from Jiangsu 210 million yuan, the giant winner appeared to receive the prize.

What was unexpected by the staff of Lingfu Lottery Center was that as soon as he entered the door, Mr. Gao took the initiative to ask how to donate bonuses, and immediately asked to donate 2 million yuan.”This means that I donate with me and my lover. Before the coming, my parents’ requests. Friends who received the award on behalf of the award are not at the scene, and I am not good at the master. Another friend has said that we will donate.Mind.”

According to Mr. Gao’s donation intention, 2 million yuan was donated to the Jiangsu Charity Federation, of which 1 million yuan was donated to the Gaoyou Citizenship Bureau for pension.Up to now, the Jiangsu Fucai Award winner has donated a total of 21.49 million yuan for the charitable cause of Jiangsu Province.

The staff of the Fucai Center lamented that Mr. Gao’s signature on the donation certificate was very beautiful. He was the winner of the award he had seen.

Mr. Gao, who has a bachelor’s degree, has a good family.At home is the pillar, a good son, a good husband, a good father.He is also an old lottery who has more than ten years of experience in buying lottery.His parents did not agree with him to buy lottery tickets, and thought it was a waste of money.”I usually like to buy double -color balls, and buying lottery has become a living habit. Buying at the top of the month is more than 300 yuan.

Regarding how this huge sum of money is used, he said: “Too sudden, I haven’t thought of these for the time being, I may buy a house to improve the living conditions. I will do my best to help relatives and friends who have difficulties.”


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