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A total of 8 competitions will be held in the Guangdong Equestrian League Finals

On the afternoon of December 8th, the press conference of the Fifth Guangdong Equestrian League “Hong Kong Jockey Club” finals in 2022 was held at the Guangdong Basketball Association Conference Center.Cai Jianxiang, Executive Vice President of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, director of the Guangdong Sports and Training Competition Center, Luo Dongbin, Executive Vice President and Secretary -General of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, Li Wei, deputy director of the Huangcun Sports Training Center in Guangdong Province, executive deputy director of the Guangdong Equestrian AssociationPresident Tan Yongqiang, Chen Guangxin, executive vice president and deputy secretary -general of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, representatives of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and dozens of media reporters attended the conference.

This year’s “Hong Kong Jockey Cup” Finals of the Guangdong Equestrian League is hosted by the Guangdong Equestrian Association with the support of the China Equestrian Association.Under the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau and the Guangdong Provincial Sports Association, the fifth session was ushered in in 2022.As the chief partner, the Hong Kong Jockey Club continues to support the current Guangdong Equestrian League Finals.With the strong influence, professionalism and ornamental of this finals, a splendid equestrian event will be presented to Guangdong equestrian audiences at the end of the year.

At the meeting, Cai Jianxiang, Executive Vice President of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, introduced the rules and project settings of the finals, and announced that the finals will be in the International Equestrian Field of the Sports Training Center of Huangcun, Guangdong Province on December 17-18, 2022, 2022Hold.

According to reports, there are two major sections of the dance steps and venue obstacles in this finals. There are 8 competition items, namely the third level of the dance steps;, 100cm competition, 80cm competition, 60cm post time match.The decisions of the Standing Council of this year adopted the points competition system. The contestants were the top eight riders in the total points of each branch of the Guangdong Equestrian League in 2021-222.As long as one of the qualifications is obtained, you can participate in the competitions of other projects.

In addition to high -level competition projects, in order to allow viewers to feel the unique charm of equestrian movements at close range, the Hong Kong Jockey Club display area, Marketalization Exhibition Area, Horse Products Exhibition Area, Parent -Child Paradise, and Stadium Experience will be added at the scene., Strive to allow the audience to experience equestrian culture and equestrian movements in many ways and forms.On the day of the competition, the live event will be broadcast live through the “TV+network platform”. At that time, the audience can watch the competition in real time through platforms such as the Guangzhou Radio and Television competition channel and the first horse racing network & Global Horse Race Video.

Cai Jianxiang said that in the environment of the epidemic in 2022, the Guangdong Equestrian League was still successfully held in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Foshan and other places.As the organizer, the Guangdong Equestrian Association implements the spirit of the national sports system racing and anti -doping warning education conference, strictly do a good job of guidance, supervision and event organization, pay close attention to the game, and educate the majority of athletes and coaches for education and guides the majority of athletes and coaches.Members and referees have established a correct view of participation, winning and defeat, so that they can participate in clean and fair competitions.The league has not had a violation of the game since 2017.In terms of epidemic prevention, in order to ensure the safe and smooth organization of the event and ensure the health and life safety of the participants in the event, the association formulated the new crown epidemic prevention and control work plan for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic.Prevention and control safety management and emergency response requirements.

Cai Jianxiang said that in order to promote the scientific, standardized, and regular construction of the provincial equestrian sports industry, the Guangdong Provincial Horse Association revised many management measures such as the “Interim Management Measures for the Equestrian Association of the Guangdong Equestrian Association” in 2021.After more than a year of practice, these five major management methods can effectively guide the Guangdong Equestrian sports industry to move towards a scientific and standardized road.At present, there are more than 50 equestrian clubs in Guangdong Province, about 50 equestrian referees online, about 700 equestrian online registration, about 50 equestrian coaches online, and about 300 horses registered.The construction of the Guangdong Equestrian Project Database was initially completed.

Luo Dongbin, Executive Vice President and Secretary -General of the Guangdong Equestrian Association, then spoke. He said that the Guangdong Equestrian Association has begun to recruit the 2023 Guangdong Equestrian League and Equestrian Youth U Series.The public selected events were the seven -stop competition of the Guangdong Equestrian League in 2023 and the 1023 Guangdong Equestrian Youth U Series Ten Stops. The event was held from January to December 2023, and the event location was in Guangdong Province.In order to further popularize equestrian movements among the youth groups, the Association will also plan to host the Guangdong Equestrian Youth U Series Finals in 2023.Through the competition, it has cultivated and discovered more potentially excellent riders, expanded reserve talent reserves, and consolidated the foundation of the Guangdong equestrian movement, and prepared for the 15th National Games held in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in 2025.

Luo Dongbin revealed that in 2023, the Association will also plan to cooperate with major colleges, enterprises, and communities to carry out many equestrian cultural promotion activities, such as equestrian Jin campus, equestrian enterprises, and equestrian communities.Through a variety of forms, the equestrian culture and equestrian movement entered millions of households.In addition, the Guangdong Malaysia Association plans to conduct multiple rider assessments and technical officials and referees training assessments next year.Including statistics from participating riders, the qualifications of technical officers and coaches will be uniformly entered into the data platform to achieve professional, scientific and data management.Luo Dongbin said that the development of Guangdong Equestrian Movement depends on the support and help of members of the club members, media friends, and all sectors of society. In the future, more companies and more institutions can support the sponsor of the Guangdong Equestrian League.The Association will strive to build the Guangdong Equestrian League into a benchmark for the top domestic equestrian events to practice the requirements of promoting horse movements and related industries proposed by the “Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Development Planning Outline”.

Li Wei, deputy director of the Huangcun Sports Training Center of Guangdong Province, subsequently introduced the preparation of the finals.He said that the Huangcun Sports Training Center attaches great importance to this event, and has used multiple departments up and down to make full preparations in the competition venue, logistics security, participating teams and horses.Plan.Li Wei said that the Huangcun Sports Training Center will go all out to support the competition, and also wish the competition to achieve a complete success.

The Guangdong Equestrian League is an annual brand competition of the Guangdong Equestrian Association. Since its hosting in 2017, it has become the one -year equestrian event in Guangdong Equestrian.Brand competition is also a comprehensive platform for promoting horse culture, promoting equestrian sports, and cultivating young sports development. It has received great attention and support from many media and lovers.With the accumulation of experience in the event, the Guangdong Equestrian League has grown from 2017 to 2022, from less than 100 pairs of people and horses, to now more than 400 pairs of people and horse combinations, which fully reflects the Guangdong Equestrian industry in Guangdong Equestrian AssociationUnder the guidance of overall planning and the rapid development of the Guangdong Equestrian Club.

This year, the epidemic affected the provincial league’s four stations, but the members of the Provincial Horse Concords and members still overcome multiple difficulties, and completed the task of running the competition safely and smoothly. This year’s Guangdong Equestrian League continued to upgradeMost of the projects have high -level projects to improve the level of participation. There are nearly 900 competitions for the competition throughout the year.

In addition to organizing a series of leagues, the Guangdong Equestrian Association has also carried out a series of training programs, such as equestrian Jin campus, technical official training assessment, riding training, veterinary training, and so on.In addition, this year’s provinces and cities have also established equestrian associations, which will effectively promote the further standardization of equestrian sports in the province and standardization process, so that Guangdong Equestrian Movement is in the forefront of the country.

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