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A big dream Chinese football in 20 years, don’t let Fan Zhiyi’s words come true tonight


On October 7, 2001, the Chinese men’s football team broke into the World Cup

Wars and signs of signs, and consciousness. Over the years, many people have remembered the players in the early stage of professionalization in the competition and tight war. The “October 7th Night” of the national football team and the Vietnamese team is tonight. At this moment, it is expected or nervous or worried, and the mood is up again. [Experts have no wind prediction of football profit more than 7 times! ] [Intelligent prediction of Shiya’s pre -hit rate 80%! ] [Download app]

To understand the early stage of professionalization, to understand Fan Zhiyi’s dial, you must have a little age and football experience. In recent years, Fan Zhiyi has been perceived by his words, especially after that year, Fan Zhiyi’s distressed words were lost to the Thai youth army who fully played the characteristics of technical characteristics.


Don’t let Fan Zhiyi’s words come true!

Really, the money market has called for many years to “don’t let anyone run away”. For a few years, some people have always worried about “don’t make Fan Zhiyi’s words come true.”

That is indeed emotional. Then say it from a very qualified population, which is particularly different.

Fan Zhiyi is the first “Mr. Asian Football” in China, and it is also one of the only two of Chinese football history to date. When Japanese football has risen, when the Serie A is not arrogant due to the famous Nakada Shou, who has played a famous hall, the predecessor of Japanese public opinion with the Chinese team will also play the title of “Nakada Yingshou against Fan Zhiyi”; The bridge between football and China and South Korea will form a focus with Fan Zhiyi, in order to make the program, even if Fan Zhiyi has retired for more than ten years at that time.


During the peak, the absolute first defender in Asia. Some words, no one is more qualified than him

This kind of Fan Zhiyi, it is not important to mention the title of “Fan Da Da”, the level of strength is placed there, and the enemy knows. Even if some media in the environment of Chinese football are unique because of their particularly able to be entangled, even if some people really think that “you can do you” are reasonable, Fan Zhiyi’s words have to be listened, and no matter how annoyance, you have to listen.

Now when you encounter the Vietnamese team, you should win after the national football team defeated? It is really unconfident, and it is really full of doubts. I am more and more afraid of Fan Zhiyi’s words, just because the trend is getting more and more unavoidable.


Vietnamese football is up

The progress of the Vietnamese team over the years is a banner of football progress in Asian countries. In 2018, the experience of the U23 Asian Cup runner -up has made Vietnamese football more excited; and our national cups are habitually “not available”. People now stand on the stage of the top 12 in Asia.

The progress of others is increasingly unavailable, and the crisis of the national football team cannot hide.

How good it would be if Fan Zhiyi was still there. Once we thought it was the starting point of Chinese football, and the follow -up facts showed that it was actually the peak.

This is not a manner to put the person to the people. To say that Fan Zhiyi’s national football at that time did not disappoint and frustration of fans, but the strength of the top in Asia is proper, and teams such as Vietnam and other levels do not need to worry about it. So beautiful.


19 years ago, Li Tie, who could not die, was fighting the World Cup

Suddenly looking back, I knew that it was billed. There was a very positive and warm connection between October 7 and Fan Zhiyi, which seemed to be forgotten.

On October 7, 20 years ago, Fan Zhiyi’s national football team defeated Oman and got tickets for the World Cup.

Think about the beauty of the past, do you think of it? For another critical game of Oman’s qualifying before the game, Fan Zhiyi pierced the goal of the Uzbekistan team with a strong free kick; of course, don’t be too surprised to his goal. Fan Zhiyi.

At that time, Fan Zhiyi stayed at the age of nearly 30 years old. Men and women who liked football were regrettable, because everyone understood his ability to see his naked eye. The friend of the Crystal Palace Club Troops, Longbado, who can cut it in the bottom of the bottom, early in Serie A, or the “Little World Cup” bald man, he believes “Fan Ke is the main one”. After all, it is almost our point of view.

At that time, Fan Zhiyi, the national football at that time, the preliminary preliminaries at that time. Experience it, the national football team in 2001 is not considered the strongest, and the “97 national football stronger” does not need to argue.


Twenty years later, I became you

But until now, the anniversary that should have been reappeared with actual actions. What was worried about Fan Zhiyi’s words was true, and he knew that he was purely imaginative, but he was still imagined that “Fan Zhiyi could still fight.”

The results of a game were unpredictable, but decades of effects were placed there. On the night of October 7, a specific game has suspense, but in some ways, it is already clear. It doesn’t matter if you say it or not, it is there.

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