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900 volunteers at the IQ will be the “polite” style of the optimal service exhibition


Fourth National Intellectual Games

Article Source: Sizi Class Special Class

The opening of the 4th National Intellectual Games has entered the countdown. At present, the recruitment of volunteers of the Sizi Society has been completed in various regions, and the positions are divided into positions. Related training and preparations are undergoing methodical.

During the competition, volunteers will participate in a series of activities such as conference services, venue services, reception services, emergency services, etiquette guidance, etc. Some volunteers will also assist in maintaining the environmental sanitation and traffic order of main roads, main roads, and service stations inside and outside the venue.

The volunteer service of the four wisdom associations at the Municipal level is the responsibility of the Communist Youth League Luzhou Municipal Committee. The city has now recruited nearly 900 young volunteers, consisting of Luzhou Academy, Luzhou Vocational and Technical College, Luzhou University of Science and Technology, as well as the enterprise institutions and social volunteers from various organs. Beginning in October, backbone training, centralized training, practical training, and test assessment are adopted in a multi -level and multi -directional form to conduct general training, professional training, venue training, and job training for volunteers.

“We are mostly for the first time to provide services for such a national sports meeting. Very excited and proud.” As a junior student of Luzhou Vocational and Technical College, Zeng Han, as one of the volunteers of the Sizihui, will be in the opening and closing ceremony. Provide services for everyone. Last night, he led a team to the opening ceremony in the opening ceremony of the Quzhou technical secondary school to simulate in advance and receive training. For more than two years in Luzhou, he has already regarded Luzhou as the second hometown. “I really like the city of courtesy. This time, I am honored to provide services to guests who come from the distance with the host. “

“In this National Intellectual Games, young volunteers will wear clothing and hats with” Luzhou with courtesy ‘logo and wear unified real -name documents. “Kim Kimchi, deputy director of the Youth Ministry of the Communist Party Committee, said that the volunteer team has done a good job Prepare to ensure that each position is “request to answer” and “request must be responsive”, and serve every guest to each person with an excellent spiritual style to show the style of the most polite city.

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