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76 -person Pacers’ referee reports: 7 times of missed the key foul with Harden

On January 6, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the last two minutes of the 76ers against the pedestrian yesterday and the referee report of the last two minutes of overtime.It is indeed a missed judgment.

The referee reported that there were 7 missed sentences in the competition, 5 times for 76 people, and 2 times of beneficial to Pacers.

Among them, the last attack of the game yesterday, Hilde Super shot three points. Pacers believed that Harden had a foul action against Hilde, but when the referee was not blown, it caused the poutees dissatisfaction.

Today’s referee report shows that the ball is indeed a foul against Hilde, and the referee leaks.

In the end, 76ers were 129-126 thrilling passers-by.

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