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71.45 million yuan in the temporary workers will retire immediately after buying a suit


71.45 million yuan winners receive prizes

Recently, a lottery prize of 10 million US dollars (about 71.45 million yuan) from a lottery player from Massachusets in the United States.The prize winner expressed his joy at the scene of the prize, and excitedly stated that he wanted to buy a house first, and then opened his retirement life.

The lucky man named Nikola-Resinos, Everett from Massor, is a temporary work of a restaurant to go to the restaurant at night to do a miscellaneous work.Nicholas has no hobbies on weekdays. For many years, he has lived between renting and restaurants for a long time.Because I need to work at night, I even saved the money to buy beer before, and Nicholas will use the money to buy lottery tickets.

On this day, Nicholas came to the food store to buy some fast food and bought a lottery ticket in his pocket.After dinner, he came to the restaurant to start a busy job.As usual, Nicholas returned home at 1 am and touched the lottery ticket in his pocket, so he picked up his mobile phone and started checking the lottery number.

In the first number, the second number was among the second number … when Nicholas found that the number he bought was completely in line with the award number, he took a breath, and it was difficult to believe that it was true.Then he slammed his thigh, convinced that he was not dreaming, and what should I do next.Nicholas decided to continue to work in the restaurant in the past few days to alleviate his uneasy emotions and wait for the mood to calm down and receive the award.

About a week later, Nicholas asked for a few days of leave to decide to go to the center to receive the prize. He chose to receive a one -time bonus will receive $ 6.5 million.At the re -prize site, Nicholas’ emotions were all overwhelmed, and it was difficult to hide excitement, saying that his dream of his life was about to realize!He intends to buy a house first, start his retirement life, and want to taste the food from all over the place.

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    LicongtanghearingaidZhenjiangFirstHospitalStore 1月 7, 2023 at 2:13 上午

    You can enjoy it in advance ~

  2. The original crooked nuts winning the prize is basically temporary workers and foreign households

  3. Foreign foreign ghosts?

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