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700,000 to account!Golf respects China (indoor) open championship

高尔夫尊中国(室内)公开赛女子总决赛冠军 钱红霞(右)、高尔夫尊中国董事长 朴星峰(左)

Golf respects China (indoor) Open Women’s Finals Qian Hongxia (right), Golf’s chairman of China Park Xingfeng (left)

On January 8th, Golf respected China (indoor) Open Women’s Finals ended all the competitions.Qian Hongxia’s four-wheeled rods from Wuxi KINGDOM Special Golf were 75, 66, 67, 68, respectively, winning the championship with the total score-12.With the heavy championship trophy, Qian Hongxia also received a reward of up to 700,000 yuan.Professional player Yan Panpan won the runner-up with a total score-10 shot, and professional coach Li Suting won the third place with the total score-8.

At the beginning of the third round of the morning on January 8, the players quickly entered the state.Professional player Qin Min captured the Eagles at the No. 1 hole in nearly 400 yards.Amateur player Yu Shunzhi started three birds in a row.In the second round, Qian Hongxia, who had a stunning performance, felt hot. The results of 6 birds and 1 eagle were scored. At the end of the third round, it rose to the top of the list.

中国职业高尔夫球员 秦敏

Chinese professional golf player Qin Min

预选赛狂刷59轮的业余球员 于顺芝

Pre -selection game madly brush 59 rounds of amateur players Yu Shunzhi

The top -ranking player of the final wheel is composed of Qian Hongxia, Li Suting and Yan Panpan.Professional veteran Yan Panpan played quite stable. In the latter nine caves, he began to play four consecutive birds, and once went together with Qian Hongxia.But in the 17th hole, she was blocked again and eaten Bai avoid.Although Qian Hongxia’s results were ups and downs, the far -go -ball distance and a good push rod kept her the first place, and lock the victory through the 18 -hole small bird ball.Li Suting almost fell into the third place with Qin Min. He played six birds and 5 Bai Bo, and finally kept the top three positions.

“I was really nervous at the beginning of the final wheel, but I reminded myself to calm down and take every shot seriously.” Qian Hongxia said after the game, “This game made me a lot, and I could harvest a lot.Excellent players to play together, this opportunity is rare. Thank you golf to the China (indoor) Open with new tracks and new platforms. “

Yan Panpan, who had won the Golf Zunzun China Network Contest, said that he was also very happy to win the runner -up. Thank you very much thanked Golf for the sponsors of China and the competition.”The atmosphere of the open game is particularly good. There are many masters participating in this game, including amateur players, and their level is also very high. I enjoy the competition.”

“The game is very exciting, especially in the focus group, which tests the players’ pressure resistance. Although I have regrets this game, I have a great time.Provide professional players, coaches and excellent amateur players with the same competition platform. Thank you very much! “

At the award ceremony, the three award -winning players were surrounded by the crowd, accompanied by applause and flower flower all the way to the podium.Mr. Park Xingfeng, Chairman of China, Mr. Yang Xingyang, General Manager of the Content Meeting Center and General Manager of China Mobile Migu Company, and Ms. Cui Xiaodi, the general manager of the Golf Zun Chinese Market Development Center, awarded trophy and a total of 1.2 million yuan to the runner -up of the Champions League.Signing rewards.Reward to the account.

In his speech after the award ceremony, Golf respects Chinese chairman Park Xingfeng thanked all the players and all the people who follow the event, and announced an inspiring news: 2023 Golf respects the China (indoor) Open, the total reward will be the total reward willAscend to 2.5 million yuan!

Park Xingfeng said: “The biggest feature of Golf respects China (indoor) Open is the participation of the whole people, and the national linkage. The first Open attracted many golf enthusiasts to join, and it also aroused the enthusiasm of more people to participate in the golf movement. At the same time, people also watched it.To all players, regardless of their identity and age, as long as they work hard, they will have the opportunity to win the championship. This is the meaning of the Open. “

“In the next Open, we will raise the reward to 2.5 million yuan, that is, we hope that more people can enter the indoor golf, enter our game, realize our dreams, and realize our” national swing, for dreams for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams, for dreams,The goal of running the competition. For this reason, we will continue to run the competition and continue to improve the reward! “

At this point, the first golf respects China (indoor) Open.A few months later, the 2023 New Open is about to start.Stay tuned!

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