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7.18 million Lottery appeared on the second day and refused to interview in a hurry to leave.

On November 23rd, Da Lotto No. 22134, 10 first prizes in the country, with a single bet of 7.18 million yuan!Among them, the first prize of the first prize, the land of Jinjinmen, was lucky enough by a lottery in Dongli District!On the second day after the lottery, the winners quickly appeared in Tianjin Sports Lottery Center and went through the re -prize procedures.

This winning lottery is a “one -ticket and ten bets” single betting ticket, with a lot of lottery amount of 20 yuan and a winning amount of 7.18 million. In addition, because of the local event in Tianjin, “Sports Lottery Great Lotto Super 136″During the period, in addition to the first prize of the winner, the winner also received a 6 yuan gift ticket for the big music. Isn’t it lucky?Let’s try it too!

When the winner appeared in the prize, it can be said that it was in a hurry, and did not accept the interview by the editor! Xiaobian also respected the wishes of the winner. At the same time, the editor also wanted to remind everyone to receive the prize.At the time, there is no need to have any pressure! Whether you accept or do not accept an interview, we will respect everyone’s choice!

Finally, I sincerely wish everyone to win the prize, and I also hope that everyone can buy rational bets happily!

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