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6-5!Does Messi Golden Globe surpass Cristiano Ronaldo again this time?



Can Ronaldo still catch up with Messi?

In Paris, Messi rewritten history again, and the Argentine received its due recognition. He won the 6th Golden Globe trophy in his career, surpassing Ronaldo as the player who won the most golden ball awards. After winning Mr. Football in the world, Messi won the “double crown” of this year’s personal honor, while Ronaldo ranked third in the Golden Globe Award, behind Van Dak and Messi.

This is Messi won the Golden Globe again after 4 years. Previously, Messi won the Golden Globe Award in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2015. In the competition of this award, Messi once led Cristiano Ronaldo 4-1, but Ronaldo once pursued the score into 5-5 in 2017. Now, Messi once again exceeded the score and came to 6-5.

Today, Messi is still very decisive and magical on the football field. Messi previously said that “the first Golden Globe is the most special”, but the Golden Globe Award won today is definitely important because it means that he has surpassed Ronaldo. 32 -year -old Messi performed well, and it still didn’t seem to reach the limit. He still had a long way to go. And this time, can Cristiano Ronaldo catch up?

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