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5.89 million in the woman’s two -color balls, the prize of the winning prize, bluntly rushed to the prize

Recently, Hunan Good Luck is successful, and this week’s rejuvenation room is not lively. On the morning of November 15th, Ms. Ms. Sun Lucky Lottery (Hua Name) came to the Hunan Welfare Lottery Issuance Center to redeem the prize. She in the first prize of the first prize in the 2022130 issue of the two -color ball. During the 1.2 billion prize, she will also receive 1 special prize for the first prize according to the prize rules, with a single bet bonus of 5.79 million yuan.

During Ms. Sun’s lottery, she was a two -color ball game of 1.2 billion yuan. She said: “It has been more than 10 years in insisting on buying lottery. I usually buy lottery entertainment as soon as I have time. The slogan of the winning prize is very attractive. I just disappointed in the award. “

(Picture show: winning lottery ticket)

Speaking of Ms. Sun showed us her winning lottery, the face value was 112 yuan, which was a duplex ticket. “I’m more casual, the selection of numbers depends on my mood. These numbers are selected by the trend chart at the site. Pick it if you like it. Basically, the number is different every time.” In addition to the special award, Ms. Sun also won the second prize of the second prize, the third prize of the 12 bets, the 27th betting fourth prize, and the 15 -note five prizes.

Regarding the use of bonuses, Ms. Sun said: “I haven’t figured it out yet, I need to go home and plan slowly. I should do a small business! At the same time, I want to say to the province’s lottery. I hope everyone has good luck, like me, a prize ‘. “

The two -color ball 1.2 billion prizes are in progress, act quickly, and start a surprise journey!

(Hunan Fucai)

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