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5.51 million winning sites in the post -95th tourist ball in the post -95th color ball won 1 million prizes

Surprise October, good luck is constantly. Following the first prize of the two -color ball in Changsha Caimin Xizhong on October 23, the prize was 8.06 million yuan. Only one day, Hunan also liked the first prize of the first prize of the two -color ball.

On the evening of October 25, the 20221222 of Fucai Two -color Ball, 1 first prize of Xiangtan Xizhong double -color ball, a single injection bonus was 5.51 million yuan. The winning blessing is the 43029422 betting station in Xiangtan City.

“Internet celebrity” site travel comes with great tourism

On the afternoon of October 26, the post -95s, Mr. Wu (Hua Name) and the site owner Zhou Chao, came to the Hunan Welfare Lottery Issuance Center to come to redeem the prize.

“The news of winning the prize was still told by the owner Super Brother. I stopped and compared repeatedly before I was sure that I really won the prize. I couldn’t believe it.” Speaking of this winning, the little brother said, “It’s really a fate, Not long ago, my comrades and I came to Xiangtan to travel. I accidentally learned that the 43029422 site was a winning place. So I went to check in and met the owner Super Brother. Soon we became a good friend. “

The secret of winning the prize: “Dredit more, believe in yourself”

The winning lottery is a duplex lottery ticket of “12+3”, and the winning number was selected by Mr. Wu to “research”. When asked about the secret of the number selection, he said, “It is experience and inspiration, learn more, and believe in yourself!”

“I usually like to look at the number by myself. I feel very interesting. I used to buy 3Ds. I also bought a duplex” 12+3 “duplex lottery ticket for a period of time. Buy, win some small prizes. But I think I still have to believe myself. This set of numbers spent 20 minutes to study. “

Love more filial piety

In daily life, Mr. Wu is an enthusiastic public. According to the owner Zhou Chao, “Mr. Wu had donated to Henan’s floods, the winning prize was probably a kind of return to him!” In this regard, the little brother said, “I’m just doing what I can do, it is not worth a one. carry.”

After receiving the prize, the use of the bonus, the younger brother said, “This money will be given to my parents. After the parents know that I win the prize, I hope I will continue to work hard. “It seems that a good mentality is also a must -have for winning!

The veritable winning place

Fucai 43029422 Betting Station is a well -deserved winning place. On June 28 this year, the site also liked the first prize of 1 million yuan in the first prize.

The owner Zhou Chao and Huang Jia and the Huang Jia and his wife are very young. In recent years, with the integrity and quality services of the couple, they have won the trust and love of many lottery people. On August 1 this year, the annual sales of the betting station exceeded 10 million yuan, which is currently the highest sales of Fucai betting stations in the province. As of October 31 this year, the betting station raised a total of more than 429 yuan of public welfare funds. Behind the number of public welfare funds is the embodiment of Zhou Chao’s “integrity, a smiley face, and a tenderness” service concept. It is his responsibility and responsibility of the “Fucai Ren” to practice the public welfare of Fucai. Active contribution.

Good luck pass, a lottery ticket may bring some surprises to life. On November 1st, the “Double Color Ball 1.2 billion Big Award” was officially opened. It is expected that the award will be continued for 20 issues. The small prizes have doubled.

Are you ready? Come and participate!

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