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37+21+5 broken+5 caps of heavy eyebrows and anti -defensive killers have been sealed

On November 23, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers challenged the Phoenix Sun away. In this game, Anthony Davis performed well and became the absolute core of the Lakers’ offense and defense.Although the Lakers eventually lost their opponents 105 to 115, the performance of thick eyebrows still conquered many fans.

The game played for 38 minutes, and the highest 37 points in the two teams were efficiently scored in 17 shots. At the same time, they grabbed 21 rebounds, plus 5 steals and 5 blocks.

According to statistics, the eyebrows have become the first player who scored at least 35 points+20 rebounds+5 steals in the NBA first in a single game in 1988.

Since the statistics of stealing and blocking data in 1973, the eyebrows have become the first player with 35+20 boards+5 steals+4 blocks in history.

The thick eyebrows in the recent strong play in injected a heart-intensive agent into the Lakers, and also made the Lakers after LeBron James returned to see more hope of winning.

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  1. Are you a Pelican fan? The thick eyebrows are like this in the Pelicans. What did Lao Zhan do to you and let you leave such an indelible memory? You can share it and talk about it

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    depleteduraniumarmor-piercingbombskhm 24 11 月, 2022 at 3:56 上午

    Indeed, it ’s not enough for 20 years to discover and James. When James data is good, why do you only know that Lao Zhan is too tired? Try to do it

  3. The Lakers did not work at the time! Kuzma Pop is also stronger than now! When the Wei Shao is critical, the iron is very hurt.

  4. still the empty chop group owner who returned to the Pelicans period. Averaged 13 points and 8 boards per game. Do you care about this data? [Digging nose]

  5. What is strange? This is not the data of the empty chopping owner in the Hornet period. [Hee hee]

  6. Why do the Lakers do so strong? There are so many owners of the Pelicans to continue to be short and chopped. Eyeha [Hee hee]

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    Theyouthisyoungandastringent.Timesofshame 24 11 月, 2022 at 3:56 上午

    CBA welcome thick eyebrows

  8. It is estimated that 20 detachments will be interested

  9. Lao Tzu has already told you, there is no egg here to knock on the keyboard Use it, ask the lawyer to go to the court to sue him

  10. Ye Zhong does not catch his teammates, and also runs out of the tail, holds his legs and runs, and runs after you run. Over -age state? Take the age now to get rid of the legs? What a magical animal

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