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350 Phase Sanliang Arrangement Three Prediction Awards: Size Aviation Analysis

Lottery retrospective: Arranged 322349 issued award number 491, number 012 road ratio 1: 2: 0, size ratio 1: 2, and the strange coupling ratio is 2: 1.

In history, the 16th issue of the 2022350 has been launched. The 16th prize number has been issued., 818, 135, see the table below in detail:

Heat analysis: In the 350th history of the same period, 10 awards and values were issued, and the value fluctuation range was between 7-23 and the distribution range was relatively wide.Two times, 9 times appeared in sections 10-17, and 5 times were issued in the 18-27 section. In this issue, the central and valuables are paid to the middle and valuables.

Size ratio analysis: In the 350th history of the same period, the number of numbers is 28:20, and the large trend is relatively hot. Among them, the two small and one large combination is opened 7 times, and the large combination is opened 3 times.After 0 times, the two major groups are combined 6 times. This issue is expected to be hot, and the attention is 2: 1.

Analysis: In the 350th history of the 350th period of the same period, the full combination of the whole occurrence of 1 period, the two strange and one puppet combination 3 periods, the two puppets and one strange combination appeared in the 8 phase, the total combination of the whole strange combination, the total number of the numbers of the number of the number of the unique puppets,It is 26:22, and the even numbers are relatively cold. Pay attention to the even replenishment in this issue.

Number 012 Road analysis: In the 350th lottery lottery, the total ratio of number 012 is 19: 9: 20, of which 0 number 0 number is disconnected, 1 number 1 number breaks for 8 periods, 2 road number breaks out of the file, the current period 012 012Lubi reference 1: 1: 1.

Cheng Sanliang Arranges 322350 Issue Number Recommendation:

Driven: 2, double gallbladder: 2, 7

Kill number: 4

Direct selection: 03689+01237+12567

Duplex group 6: 236789

Single note: 027 029 125 127 128 129 238 239 259 267 278 289 289

Single: 627

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