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350 issue of Jiangming Fucai 3D Forecast Number: 0 Road Number 80%

Review of the last issue: Fucai 3D No. 2022349 issued a prize number 562.

The direct selection number 562 was released 6 times in history, and the prize number was opened in the next period: 116, 984, 883, 059, 441.

Among them, the number 012 is 5: 6: 4, and the 0 -route number is active, with a probability of 80%;

The next prize number 562 is in the second stage, the probability of the drop number is 40%;

The number ratio ratio is 7: 8, the size ratio is 7: 8, and the qualitative ratio is 5:10.

Group three (including leopard) numbers 3 times, the sixth number of the semi -Shun group is opened 2 times, and the six -number number appears 3 times.

Two yards are the hottest, 3 times; two yards and 5 are active, 6 times.

The probability of 80%of the 1-2 phase of the group three in the 2022350-issue 2022354; the probability of the 1-2 period of the 2022359 period in the 2022355 period of the group three was 80%.

[562] After opening, the next prize number decryption:

[562] two yards: 187; [562] two yards difference: 143.

Decrypting: First of all, after the direct selection 562 is opened, the leopard number is opened within 10 periods. After the direct selection 562 in 2003-2022, the group three times in the 10th period will appear 19 times.The probability of the period is 80%, and the probability of the group three in the future of 5-10 is 80%.

Second, the probability of opening 0 in the next period is 80%;

Third, the probability of a heavy number in the next period of 562 is 40%;

Fourth, the probability of the three groups in the next 10 periods is as high as 50%. The above points are the best investment in the recent investment.

No. 2022350 Jiang Mingfu Cai 3D Recommendation:

Direct selection and duplex reference: 01358*05679*13679

Single note reference: 028, 038, 089, 148, 168, 189, 238, 268, 289, 368, 468, 678, 689

Selected one bet number: 861

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