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350 issue of Chen Qingfeng Fucai 3D Forecast Number: Group 6 Duplex Reference

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D 2022349 Phase: 562, 100 -digit number omissions 3, ten numbers omissions 15 periods, individual numbers omissions 8 phases, and the total amount of omissions is 26.

First place: The last time the prize number was issued: 5, the omissions were 3 periods, the trend was hot, and the warm code appeared less recently. Pay attention to the warm code replenishment in this period. Reference number 7.

Second place: The last prize number was issued: 6, the omissions value was 15, the trend was average, the second place in the first 10th issue was less, and the cold code thawed appropriately in this issue, the reference number 1.

Third place: The last prize number was opened: 2, the omissions are 8 periods, the trend is average, and the cold code is relatively small. Pay attention to the cold code thawing in this period, and the reference number 6.

Chen Qingfeng Fucai 3D No. 2022350 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 1 6

One code for killing: 3

5*5*5 Direct Selection Reference: 02567*01268*14567

Group Six Reference: 124679

15 betting single: 017 019 067 069 114 117 118 167 177 199 269 466 567 667

Reference: 716

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