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350 issue of Awang Arranged Three Prediction Awards: Group Selection Forms Reference

Arranged 3rd 2022349 Phase: 491, value 14, span 8, size ratio 1: 2, strange even 2: 1.

Three prizes in the 350th issue of the year: 237-698-164-559-335-890-927-896-052-266-813-519-128-892-818-135.

In the 350th prize number of over the years: the group is 4 times and the group six will be opened 12 times.Group 6 is obviously active, and this period is concerned about group six.

The 350th award number of the year: The size ratio is 28:20, the trumpet is less, the trumpet replenishment in this issue, the size is 1: 2.

The odd ratio is 26:22, and there are fewer even numbers. Pay attention to the puppet repayment in this issue.

Among the 350s of the 350s over the years, the maximum number of issues are: 2, 8, 9, and pay attention to the number of this issue: 2.

The minimum number of times is: 0, 4, 7, and one yard in this issue: 7.

Awang Arrangement 350 Reference:

One code for killing: 7

Bald code reference: 2

Direct reference: 04689*01256*02356

Group six duplex: 023468, four -code duplex: 0268

Single -selected 15 bet number reference: 012 024 028 029 123 129 234 236 248 249 256 258 259

Single number number: 802

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