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347 issue He Shangfu 3D prediction number: harmony+span analysis

Lottery review: Fucai 3D 2022346 is 903, of which the size ratio ratio of the prize number is 1: 2, the strange coupling ratio is 2: 1, 012 to 3: 0: 0, the value is 12, and the span is 9.

1. Morphological analysis:

Number size: The last number of two small combinations were opened. The two small combinations of the last 100 periods appeared 46 times.A small appear 15 times, and the two small combinations are expected to appear again in this issue.

Number Qi Qi: The previous prize number was a combination of two strange and one puppets. In the 100 consecutive periods, the two strange and one puppet combination opened 32 issues. In the next prize number, the two puppets opened for 12 issues.11 times, 7 times in Quanqi, all occasionally appeared, and two puppets are expected to occur in this issue.

Number 012: The total 0 award number was launched in the previous period. Among the last 100 prizes, the entire 0 -route number appeared 9 times. The estimated 012 road number will not be empty, and 1 will appear.

Second, harmony, span analysis:

Harmony: The previous period and the value were 12, rising 4 points. The expected sum of the value of the current period turned around and appeared around 9.

September: 9 spans are 9, with an amplitude of 4. Pay attention to the span in this period, and the anti -span 5 appears.

3. He Shangfu 3D 3D No. 2022347 Prize number Recommended:

Driven: 1

One code for killing: 5

Direct selection 5/5/5 Reference: 12678/02469/12369

Direct selection 3/3/3 Reference: 167/249/129

Group 6 6 yards reference: 126789

Single note: 014 113 113 114 116 117 126 127 134 137 139 148 169 188

Single -up one note: 621

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