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345 Phase 3 Prediction Award Number: Latest 5 -yard Reference

Lottery Announcement: Sports Lottery 3rd No. 2022344 issued award number: 209.Group 6, there are heavy numbers: 2, the odds ratio of 1: 2, size ratio 1: 2, 012 to 2: 0: 1, harmony 11, span 9.

Hundreds of analysis: The range of this bit in the last 10 periods is between 0-5 and fluctuated 6 points. The range of fluctuations is large.EssenceIn addition, the last 10 period of the 10th period is 1: 9, and the large is cold. In this issue, it is optimistic about large replenishment, reference number 7.

Ten-digit analysis: The range of the last 10 periods is between 0-8, and 9 points have fluctuated. The range of fluctuations is large.EssenceIn addition, the last 10 issue of the strange ratio is 3: 7, and the number of even performance is active. In this issue, the number of even numbers will continue to be hot. Reference number 2.

Analysis of individual digits: The most recent 10-stage range was between 2-9 and fluctuated 8 points. The range of fluctuations was large. The number 9 was opened in the previous period, which increased by 7 points.In addition, the number ratio of the last 10 period 012 is 3: 5: 2, and the number of routes 2 has been cold in the near future. This period is expected to replenish the number 2 number. Follow the number 8.

Sports Color Arrangement 322345 Issue Lottery Fish Recommendation:

Bald code reference: 2 8

Kill a code: 0

Positioning 5 yards reference: 14789*23689*13578

6 yard group 6 reference: 123789

Color fish selection one bet number: 728

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